1. S

    Sabian crash with loud bell

    Hey! Need some advice, really looking for a Sabian crash cymbal to add to my collection preferably AAX 18” that has a super loud almost ride like bell?? Anyone got an idea what range would be best? Cheers
  2. I-P

    Zildjian Cymbal bag,.lists lines from 40 years ago

    Cleaning up today and came across this old cymbal bag I got in a Zildjian Cymbal set when I was starting out (teenager). Note the "360 years". Their lines were a lot simpler then.
  3. SkullDrummer

    Favorite Cymbals of all time.

    what's your favorite cymbal/s you've ever played? or a cymbal that you want to get?
  4. The Minifig Drummer

    Horrible Hi-Hats

    So I recently bought my first drum set off of Craigslist ( used ) and the hi-hats... Sound awful I don't know if its me, incorrect assembly, or bad/cheap cymbals but was just looking for some advice especially since I don't have deep pockets to go spending on some 2002 15" Paiste Hats ( if...
  5. F

    Can anyone help identify this unknown hi hat pair?

    Hi, I bought this unknown hi hat pair for a good price but I can’t find any info or ones that look similar, any help would be awesome. I haven’t received them yet, so I don’t got any personal photos. Happy turkey day!
  6. I-P

    Cymbal Brand You Most Play Now.

  7. Tob

    Fix nicks in cymbal edge to prevent cracking?

    Backstory: I just bought a used cymbal from a music shop out of town. After delivery, I realized it’s not in as good of condition as I assumed when the salesman told me “I sold it to a guy who is a guitarist, not even a drummer, who used it for two recording sessions and returned it”. So I...
  8. T

    How to combine cymballs

    Hello, is it good idea to mix cymballs? I have Meinl Pure Alloy Medium Ride 20 and I need new hihats, but I dont know how to combine cymballs for good sound because I probbably dont want Pure Alloy Hihats or Meinl Hihats at all. Can someone help me? Is better for me to stick with this type of...
  9. N

    Information about cymbals

    Hello, Have a drum set with some off brand "Back beat", but when I purchased it probably 17 years ago the seller claimed that the cymbals were a bit special. However, I can't seem to find any information at all online about these cymbals. The only information on the cymbals is "
  10. M

    Xs20 compatibility

    Does anyone use their xs20s with other (higher end) cymbals? I have an aax raw bell dry ride that I'd like to play with the xs20s; does anyone know if their tonal qualities match each other? Bonus: do the xs20s go well with AAs? Thanks in advance.
  11. LeeLovesSabian

    Chinese/china cymbals

    Does anybody know the difference between a crash and a chinese cymbal? I've never used one before, but I'd like to see if you guys know what they are for.
  12. joosti

    What should I do? Drumrack or cymbals?

    Here's my problem I want to buy a drumrack but all the time I think it's a waste of money because I could buy 2 cymbals and the stands for them at the same price. If I buy the rack I don;t have the money to buy the cymbals. Otherwise I don't have a rack and I'm buying stands so I will not buy a...
  13. Evilbagua

    Custom Sized Cymbals?

    Do any other companies beside Sabian make custom sized cymbals? I want to get a 28" ride. All my current cymbals are Zildjian's at the moment, and If it's possible I'd like a 28" Zildjian ride. Anyway any help would be appreciated, thanks everyone.
  14. A

    Paiste pst 5s, Meinl gen x or Zildjian zhts

    I just started drumming and just dont know that much about cymbals but these all look for good my price range since they come in box sets also i like the free stuff so paiste pst 5s meinl gen x or zildjian zhts?
  15. S

    Best punk cymbals

    hello everyone! I am going to buy new crash cymbals soon and I'm a huge punk rock fan. I hope I'm not jumping on the bandwagon when I say that travis barker is my idol. Anyway..... I was wondering if there is a certain size or type of cymbol that would make a punk rocker drool. I know travis...
  16. S

    I'm in Cymbal Hell

    Hi everyone I am a beginning drummer but I am decently good already. I have a set of 13'' Paiste 101 hats and an 18'' paiste crash/ride. I really need a crash cymbal seeing how the crash/ride sounds terrible as a crash. What crash and other cymbals should I pursue?? Please help I need tips from...