custom drum building

  1. G

    I built a snare from 168 broken drumsticks

    I am so happy with it. What do you think?
  2. B

    Custom Drum kit advice needed!

    Hey guys. I've never been a part of any forum or anything before, so excuse me if I muddle things up as this is my first ever thread. This is going to be a quite chunky start to a thread, so I have tried to section it off because I want you guys to have all the details I can provide, so you can...
  3. S

    Local Custom vs. Big Brand Names

    Hey all. First post, but I have a general question. Who prefers local custom shops, and who would rather play brand name stuff. I personally am sitting on the wall with this, and as a musician and a tutor, I need equipment that lasts, but isn't expensive, as i have kids bashing on my kits...
  4. S

    Building drums advice

    Hi everyone, What would you all think if I used Koko's method on this page: using really thin plies or veneer to make a thin drum or use a single thick piece of ply? Also if you have any other advice or tips on building drums that would be nice :) I'm not...
  5. J

    Tension Rod Length

    Hello all; I'm planning on building a 7x14 8ply maple snare drum with yamaha style maple 10 hole 3/4" thick wood hoops. I would like to use tube lugs and key-tension rods however, I know that the tension rods need to be a little bit longer when using wood hoops but am not sure by how much...
  6. P

    Meka Drums (Bangkok) - did some videos for them.

    Recorded some promo videos for my local (Bangkok) custom drum builder. Company is called Meka Drum. The set in this video was made for the drummer of a Thai band named Labanoon. Keller shells (Maple). The bass drum is 22 x 22! Song is "Half A...
  7. SJ-Jazz

    Drum Kit I Built that Finished Today

    Hello All, I am a 16 year old drummer and I have been playing jazz for the past two-three years. My drumming inspirations are: Mel Lewis, Buddy Rich, Elvin Jones, Art Blakey, Jim Chapin and many others can't name them all on the top of my head. I built this drum kit with my dad in 5 days lol...
  8. wsabol

    Gretsch Round Badge Specs - Please!

    Hey guys, I want to replicate the nice Gretsch Round Badge sound on a new kit. So I need to now from all you guys with Round Badge knowledge what the specs are. - Sizes - # of lugs - # of plys - Thickness of shells (mm) - Reinforcement rings? - Number/placement of Air holes - Bearing edge...
  9. P

    Question about wrapping my drum kit

    I am considering wrapping my Premier drum kit in a silver sparkle wrap. I'm going to use Jammin' Sam's wrap, which uses high bond tape (no glue). It currently has a lacquer finish. I am wanting to use the original lugs, but drill new holes to offset them for a more custom look. Has anyone...