1. S

    Sabian crash with loud bell

    Hey! Need some advice, really looking for a Sabian crash cymbal to add to my collection preferably AAX 18” that has a super loud almost ride like bell?? Anyone got an idea what range would be best? Cheers
  2. LeeLovesSabian

    Chinese/china cymbals

    Does anybody know the difference between a crash and a chinese cymbal? I've never used one before, but I'd like to see if you guys know what they are for.
  3. drumnoob

    Need a china for riding (metal breakdowns)

    There are trillions of examples, but I want a sound similar to what Portnoy is playing here: at 8:04 on. I know it's a china that he's riding, and it's perfect for metal breakdowns. I need something that has short sustain, a nice crashy sound, but I...
  4. T

    Got my new Saluda cymbals!

    Just got them today and I can definitely say, Wow! What a great deal! 15" and 17" Mist X crashes and 14" Mist X hats for $260 and all my trashed beginner cymbals. They sound good and I'll definitely be ordering from Saluda again. I just hope it won't take 3 weeks next time. Haha. I might be...
  5. tbmills


    check out what i stumbled across on ebay... 16" A Custom Penis Crash
  6. S

    New Set of Cymbals

    Hello all, So after years of playing with awful cymbals that are finally now starting to crack, I'm in the market for a new set. I must say that I'm extremely leery of cheaper cymbals as I have broken 2 14" Zildjian ZBTs and a 16" ZBT. I don't abuse my cymbals by any means, just hit reasonably...
  7. S

    Best punk cymbals

    hello everyone! I am going to buy new crash cymbals soon and I'm a huge punk rock fan. I hope I'm not jumping on the bandwagon when I say that travis barker is my idol. Anyway..... I was wondering if there is a certain size or type of cymbol that would make a punk rocker drool. I know travis...
  8. S

    I'm in Cymbal Hell

    Hi everyone I am a beginning drummer but I am decently good already. I have a set of 13'' Paiste 101 hats and an 18'' paiste crash/ride. I really need a crash cymbal seeing how the crash/ride sounds terrible as a crash. What crash and other cymbals should I pursue?? Please help I need tips from...
  9. S

    Brilliant Or Traditional Finish?

    Hey guys im going to purchase new cymbals and i was wondering which way is the best to go? Traditional or brilliant finish? ive heard that brilliant finish needs frequent polishing but im not sure if it is true.