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    Relatively new drummer, questions about drum brand?

    Hi! I'm Lauren I've been a percussionist in band for about 5 years, recently quit that and now focus on drum set. My genre is mostly rock/pop but I also try to stay versatile and play all genres. I've played on all kinds of brands but I want to find the 'one'. Lol. I've seen stuff on the...
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    Beginner direction?

    Hey guys, I have been learning the drums now for around 3 months and have picked up lots of useful info/lesson on-line but realise that I should introduce some structure to my learning. There are so many places to start which can be a bit overwhelming and I need advise (or guidance to an old...
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    Put your fundamental drumming skills to the test!

    So you're a drummer, but are you a solid Time-Keeper? Want to put your fundamental skills to the test? Time-Keepers is a drumming ebook, designed to teach the fundamentals of drumming in a way that applies to music. Loaded with over 30 HD play-along videos like this one!! If you're a drum...
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    Should I buy a drum set even tho im a newbie??

    Im planning to learn on playing drums for a hobby, and im thinking of getting of an electronic drum set cause i live in an apartment, anyways, my uncle introduce and taught me some things about drumming when i was 12, and after that i wasn't able to develop my skill cause i don't have a drum set...
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    Matched vs Traditional Grip

    Please visit for advice on grip techniques. Also featured is set up advice and tuning tips, amongst other things. Please leave a comment - I'd love to hear feedback on any of the topics.
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    Tuning, Head Advice etc

    Please visit and support my blog, a guide for new drummers: It features tuning tips, head advice and general drum info.
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    Guide for Beginners

    Please visit and support my blog, a guide for new drummers:
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    Anyone recommend a good instructor in NW Chicago suburbs

    Hello Everyone, I am new to the forum and finally realized there is no shame in trying to learn an instrument at my age. I just picked up a used Pearl export kit yesterday from craigslist and thanks to another post here I am working on the rudiments from that Vic Firth website. If anyone can...
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    Finaly Getting my Second actuall Kit, Which one is better?

    K so im deciding on both right now on which is a better deal First kit is a Gretsch Catalina maple club and the second kit i was thinking was an OCDP but its a bit more expensive...
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    Need some advice on upgrading

    Well i'm pretty new to drumming and I would like some help on upgrading my kit (Gretsch Blackhawk) I currently am still using the stock heads and have Sabian Solar cymbals. I have been looking at Remo Pinstripe heads as from what i've heard they are quite good apart from them being quite dead...