Put your fundamental drumming skills to the test!


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So you're a drummer, but are you a solid Time-Keeper? Want to put your fundamental skills to the test? Time-Keepers is a drumming ebook, designed to teach the fundamentals of drumming in a way that applies to music. Loaded with over 30 HD play-along videos like this one!! If you're a drum teacher, please check out this beginner approach. No musical experience whatsoever is required. For a FREE sample and more info about Time-Keepers, click here..

Pro Drummer acclaim for Time-Keepers:

“I am 100% behind Time-Keepers. It focuses on subject matter that is paramount to those wishing to advance not only as a drummer, but more importantly as a musician. Much respect.”
- Chuck Keeping (Big Wreck/Suzie McNeil)

“This is a great book! Meat & Potatoes. All killer, no filler. It’s the book that every beginning student should have. Thanks Kevin, for giving students what they want and teachers an easy and concise way to give it to ‘em."
- John M. Wicks (Bruno Mars, Cee Lo Green, Fitz & The Tantrums)

For more info, please visit: kevinmendes.com.

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