beginner needing help

  1. D

    Novice question on linear fills

    Hi Everyone, Got a real novice question here, so bear with me please... I'm picking up some drum sticks again after a break of about 15 years, and I was never more than a beginner all that time ago as well! I have been re-learning a couple of beats and fills and practicing playing a few bars...
  2. Z

    Please help me choose a beginner's Electronic drumset

    Hello :) I've always been interested in learning to play the drums, and since I live in a family house with neighbors and everything, I figured Electronic drums would be a wise choice, being smaller and quieter. Since I have absolutely no drumming background, I'd like to purchase a beginner's...
  3. R

    Beginner direction?

    Hey guys, I have been learning the drums now for around 3 months and have picked up lots of useful info/lesson on-line but realise that I should introduce some structure to my learning. There are so many places to start which can be a bit overwhelming and I need advise (or guidance to an old...
  4. Obelix

    Which Blues drum set for an advanced beginner?

    I need help with a new drum set, and not sure what to look for. A decent Blues set would probably suit. I’m essentially a sax player, but when my son moved out 12 months ago and left an Ashton drum set behind I decided to give it and to my surprise I could play it. Enjoyed it for a while...
  5. B

    Just starting out

    Hello fellow drummers ( I feel I am close enough to say that now). I am now actively looking for my very first drum kit!! What I have realized is that I have NO IDEA what I am doing!! There is a lot to learn and decipher between all the different kits. Between wood type, symbols, stands...
  6. K

    Put your fundamental drumming skills to the test!

    So you're a drummer, but are you a solid Time-Keeper? Want to put your fundamental skills to the test? Time-Keepers is a drumming ebook, designed to teach the fundamentals of drumming in a way that applies to music. Loaded with over 30 HD play-along videos like this one!! If you're a drum...
  7. BlueSky

    Ridiculously Ignorant Newbie Questions

    Okay, as I have previously stated, I am new, only had my kit for officially 7 days and never hit anything with a stick before please bear that in mind when I ask these questions. ( I was supposed to have my first lesson on Wednesday, but my instructor is horribly sick, and I don't...
  8. T

    Beginner drummer needing help - tuning

    Im a beginner drummer as the title reads, i have a Hohner LEX kit, now being a teenager and there being no jobs i don't have the money to buy the greatest kit going or the best heads or the best cymbals, but what i was wondering is the best way to tune my toms, the snare and the bass drum is in...