beginner electric drumkit

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    TD-1DMK should we keep it or not ? (new drummer but advanced musician.)

    Hello guys! 😄 TLDR : GF got a Roland TD-1DMK for 400€, should we sell the kit or upgrade it? I have been playing guitar and bass for close to 20 years (M30). My amazing girlfriend has always wanted to play drums, this year she got the opportunity to buy a TD-1DMK from one of our friend for...
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    Latency in Yamaha Kick Pedal electric drums

    Hello guys my name is yateesh this is my first post the reason I am using this thread is I recently got an alesis turbo mesh kit so it came with a trigger so I don't want to use the trigger so I got a Yamaha kick pedal for electric from one of my friends so I started using Yamaha kick pedal but...
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    Please help me choose a beginner's Electronic drumset

    Hello :) I've always been interested in learning to play the drums, and since I live in a family house with neighbors and everything, I figured Electronic drums would be a wise choice, being smaller and quieter. Since I have absolutely no drumming background, I'd like to purchase a beginner's...
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    Used hybrid Roland setup for beginner

    Greetings, I'm a beginner drummer looking forward to get my first e-drum. As I live in the ground floor of a shared house, mesh heads are a must have. As with many drummers around here, my budget is not very helpful. I'm aiming to spend < £1k for a used setup, including double bass pedals. I...
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    Some general questions about electronic drums

    Hello guys I 've been playing the drums for some time now but I have always been playing on an acoustic set. Never even tried an electronic set. It's been some time since I started experimenting with new sounds and styles so I thought that an electronic set would allow me to go further and play...
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    Hi, I got an electronic drum kit about 2 weeks ago. What do I do now? I know how to play a basic beat and add a crash at the start of a new measure and when to do a fill (sorta) but other than that I have no idea what to do now. I joined this forum mainly because I'm not going to spend $30 for...
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    Need tips of electric drumsets!

    Hello, I've been playing the bass for 3 years now, and I thought why not trying out the drums? So now I've decided I'm gonna buy a drumkit, an electric one though, since I live in an appartment. However, I have no idea whatsoever what kit I should buy. I want a pretty cheap electric drumset...