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    cannot get my floor tom to sound the way i want it to...

    i have a tama swingstar set with a 16x16 floor tom. I recently got powerstroke 4 heads for my toms because of their durability and lack of sustain. i cant get my floor tom to stop ringing. Im looking for a deep, punchy sound with minimal sustain but i can only seem to get a timpani-like sound...
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    remo emperors on tama swingstar?

    i have a tama swingstar (kinda shitty, but i got full set with cymbals for $300) and ive got an iron cobra pedal and tama metalworks snare so far. The set sounds pretty good except for the cymbals (which i plan on upgrading with some aax's this summer). I just need the perfect heads. Ive got...
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    Putting the same head on a different snare?

    i got an emperor x and put it on my stock tama snare, but i took it off after about a week. I recently got a 6.5x14 tama metalworks snare and i want to put the emperor x on there, but i heard somewhere that heads mold themselves to a drum's shape. Would there be any problem with putting the old...
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    im looking for a good, cheap cowbell. Anything around 20 bucks is my max budget. Anyone have any suggestions? For alternative/punk/hard rock playing.
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    what kind of iron cobra is this?

    can anyone tell what kind of "glide" it is, what model year it might be, or what kind of beater it has? thanks!
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    need help finding snare...

    ive been looking for a snare to replace my current 5.5x14 tama swingstar steel one. i bought it used along with the rest of my swingstar kit and it was pretty beat up. anyway, i want a 6.5x14, either steel or brass (preferably brass), atleast 10 lugs. ive already checked craigslist and no luck...
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    which pedal...?

    ive recently started looking for a single pedal to upgrade from my stock tama swingstar one. I checked craigslist for some quality ones because im not looking to spend very much on it. I found a ludwig speed king w/ wood beater for $30 and a tama iron cobra jr. for $35 the SK is over 20 years...
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    sabian crashable rides?

    well i recently got my first set, a tama swingstar, and im looking to upgrade cymbals. I just got a job at kfc (oh yea...) so I now have some money to spend. Im looking to upgrade my ride first and im looking for something versatile, that can be crashed but also has decent traditional ride...
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    good deal...?

    hey, now that i finally have some money on my hands, im looking to purchase my first set (although ive been playing for nearly 2 years). I'm looking for a semi-pro/pro set to pair with sabian AAXs. I found a guy on craigslist selling a Gretsch Catalina Maple set with a 5.5x14 Pearl Chrome Snare...
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    z customs...?

    ive heard alot of different things about these cymbals. i know they're discontinued, but they are also alot cheaper now and i was thinking about getting those over paiste alphas. what do you guys think? this would be my setup if i were to get the z customs... 14" mastersound hats 18" medium...
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    ludwig accent custom elite or gretsch blackhawk which is better for a beginner/intermediate set?
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    paiste alpha groove ride...? 21 in

    anyone own or played this cymbal? they dont have it at my guitarcenter, and i was wondering if it is a good crash/ride. i cant really judge too well from the soundclips on the paiste site, but i have heard some good stuff about it as far as crashability goes. does anyone how good this ride is...
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    how would paiste alpha rock cymbals sound in a basement?

    I plan on getting the following... 15in alpha rock hats 18in alpha rock crash 20in alpha rock crash 22in alpha rock ride Is it possible that these cymbals may be too loud for the basement where my kit is? Im worried that when im practicing, the crashes will be too overpowering and they will...
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    Paiste Alpha or Sabian APX?

    Which would you recommend out of these? Alpha 15in Rock hats / APX 15in Solid hats Alpha 18in Rock Crash / APX 18in Solid crash Alpha 20in Rock crash / APX 20in Solid Crash Alpha 22in Metal Ride / APX 22in Solid ride which do you think would be better for a grunge/hardcore punk sound? How...
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    What should i use to make a 6.5x14 snare sound more like a 8x14 snare?

    im open to just about anything