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    Need an energy boost

    Thanks everyone for the advice and helpful suggestions. Was a 3 hour set with no breaks but made it through with a litre of lucozade and wine gums. Also adrenaline seemed to keep the engine ticking over.
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    Need an energy boost

    Sounds good
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    Need an energy boost

    I have that to look forward to 😬
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    Need an energy boost

    Wise words indeed
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    Need an energy boost

    Yeah hopefully....if he lets me 😴
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    Need an energy boost

    Thanks PPG, will stock up
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    Need an energy boost

    Hi Our toddler decided to keep me awake all night and I have gig later this evening. What do you do to get through a gig when youre feeling exhausted? Any advice is much appreciated.
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    Gretsch New Classic Kit - Weight?

    I have been reading some good reviews of this kit but haven't got the chance to try one out yet. Can anyone advise me about the weight of these drums? I read in the MD review (03/07) that the 16" floor tom weighs over 16lbs :-O. Are they of the hernia-inducing variety when lugging to gigs?
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    Tommy Igoe & Birdland Big Band

    I booked tickets on a hunch to see Tommy Igoe and his big band at Birdland in New York, Just wondering if any anybody here has seen these guys in action?
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    Drum Shops in Manhattan

    I will be making a trip to New York next month. Can anyone recommend some drum shops to visit around Manhattan? Apologies if there is already a post on this, if so please let me know. Cheers
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    How long does it take you to set up?

    Just wondering how long it takes people to set up your gear for a gig? I takes me about 40 mins to set up a 4-piece with 3 cymbals (unmic'd). How about you?
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    I want to see the drummer, not the band

    I love Steve Gadd. Where I live the only chance I would get to see him are when he plays with big concert acts like Paul Simon or Eric Clapton. He is playing with Clapton in May. I am not a huge fan of Clapton but just want to see Steve Gadd play in the flesh. Has anyone gone to a gig just to...
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    Micing a bass drum with no port hole

    Apologies if this has already been discussed but I cant find anything on this topic. What do you think is the best way to mic an un-ported bass drum for live gigs?
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    How do you deal with a bad gig?

    I played a wedding on Thursday night last. We played for 4 hours, the sound was terrible, and I couldnt get hold of a good groove until the last hour or so. I usually enjoy my gigs but I felt rotten after that one. How do you deal with nights like that?
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    What genre is 'Tequila'?

    Does anybody know what genre the tune 'Tequila' is? I played it at the weekend but am just wondering what type of music it is. Wikipedia says it is 'surf' music but I think it is more latin sounding.