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Transcription: Keith Moon
The famous Eight Bar Solo from"Won't Get Fooled Again"

By Rich Lackowski

One of the most epic drumming moments of Keith Moon's career appears in the final minute of "Won't Get Fooled Again." Starting at 7:31, Moon transitions out of the trance-like mood set forth by the keyboards with an eight-bar tension-packed solo that builds to the climatic and colossal scream released by Roger Daltrey

To begin playing this amazing solo, let's break it down into parts. First, let's focus on part of the first measure. Start slowly, and work up in speed once you get comfortable playing this fill smoothly and without hesitation.

Now, let's focus on the last part of the first measure and the entire second measure.
The hits move from snare to tom and back in some tricky places, and with alternating hands, so start slowly and work up to the original temp as you feel ready.

Now, try playing the first two measures together:

Moving on to measures 3 and 4, Keith starts to leave out some sixteenth notes and moves between the toms and snare quite a bit more, adding tension to the solo. Start out playing very slowly, and be patient, because this two-bar phrase is even trickier than the previous lesson. Pay special attention to the double-kick hits at the end of the phrase.

Now , let's focus on measures 5 and 6. Notice that Keith starts playing straight eight notes on his kick starting on beat 3 of measure 6.

In measure 7, Keith keeps the eighth notes flowing on his kick, plays more snare than toms with his hands, and hits a cymbal on beat 3.

Keith continues to play eighth notes on his kick, adds a cymbal hit on beat 1, and plays all snare hits with his hands on the final measure. All these final ingredients build the solo to a climax and sets up the monster scream by Daltrey.

Try putting it all together now, and play this amazing solo from start to finish, just like Keith Moon on the recording. Remember to start slowly, and only increase the tempo as you feel comfortable and can play the entire solo fluently.

"Won't Get Fooled Again:
the original Keith Moon Version
(not included with the book's CD)

"Won't Get Fooled Again:
the original "THE WHO" Version
(not included with the book's CD)

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