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Jimmy Branly: Afro-Cuban Drumming

Short Example, but full of combinations of grooves and soloing over piano,
bass, tumbao and rumba clave:

Hi-Hat Variations
closed Hi-Hat with using alternate sticking

The Bongo Bell

Ideas for Soloing
the left hand plays the clave - the right hand and right foot play the double stroke triplets

Afro Cuban 6/8

The right hand plays the 6/8 clave pattern - while the left hand hits the 2nd and 5th beat:


“Jimmy Branly is one of my favorite drummers ever! He has been a great inspiration/teacher/drum hero and friend to me for many years now. I am sure that the world of drumming will benefit greatly from the material in this book/audio set!” 
— Gregg Bissonette

The New Method for Afro-Cuban Drumming features Jimmy’s unique approach to playing contemporary Latin rhythms on the drumset. The material represents a fusion of his experiences growing up in Cuba and shows how he applied this knowledge when he got to the United States and began performing. Everything in this book has practical applications to many styles of music. Jimmy covers:

• Getting the right sound
• Bongo bell patterns and the drumse
• Bass drum variations
• Hi-hat variations

Patterns include: clave, cáscara, bombo, guaguancó, cha cha cha, and Afro-Cuban 6/8. Jimmy also includes a section on soloing ideas

The 65-minute audio CD contains 97 tracks that demonstrate all of the patterns contained in the book and played at a tempo that is easy to follow. There are also play-along tracks with a band so you can apply the examples in a musical setting and begin to develop a real feel for playing this music.