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Jim Chapin: Bop Fills

Jim Chapin is the man who defined the art of modern drumming Independence.
This book is truly "THE" drumming classic.
It is a must for every drum set player to experience the journey of freeing the limbs from each other - thus freeing the musical ideas.


Jim Chapin's Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer is the witten document that shifted drumming into the modern world.

I have owned a copy since I was 16 years old (forty years). It still holds up, and opened many doors for myself and other drummers. Mr. Chapin has trained many outstanding drummers, in his methods, which derive from the Moeller technique he was trained in as a young man. How can you miss with a drummer that was a compatriot of Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich and countless others? Not to mention, the father of the incredible Harry Chapin. You can't be a drummer and not know about this book. The CD is a major boost, for us. This is ONE musical genius!

I have absolutely no reservations in recommending it to all drummers. Go for it!

Jesse H. Jenkins (Danville, CA United States)