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Trademark Fill
Chris Adler: "Ruin" from As the Palaces Burn

Transcription by Rich Lackowski

from the book:

Original Part (not included in the book)

Level: Advanced

This lesson features one of Adler's unconventional trademark fills. He leads with his left hand and peppers the last half of the fill with double-kick bursts and some interesting cymbal bell placements.

Let's start by isolating and repeating the first half of the first measure. The trick to nailing this fill is to lead off with your left hand. Start slowly and increase the tempo as you feel comfortable.

Next, isolate and repeat the second half of the first measure, again leading off with your left hand.

Now, let's combine what we've learned in the previous two exercises and play the first measure in its entirety.

Now let's move on to the second measure of the fill. Leading off with your left hand again, play the first two sixteenth notes of the first three beats on the toms, splash bell, and ride bell as notated, and play the last two sixteenth notes on the first three beats on the right kick drum. End the phrase by playing the crash cymbal and the snare on beat 4.

Let's play the same measure again, but this time, add a hit on the left kick drum between each set of two sixteenth notes that we've been playing on the right kick drum.

Finally, let's put it all together and play the fill just like Adler!

Rich Lackowski: On the Beaten Path METAL
The Drummer's Guide to the Genre and the Legends Who Defined it

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