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Buddy Rich: Transcriptions from "Channel One Suite"

Transcription by Rich Lackowski

Buddy switches on a dime from a silky smooth press roll peppered with rim shots and kick drum accents to his trademark blazing-fast single-stroke roll.

Immediatly, after his press roll, Buddy propels into a single-stroke roll, notated here as sixteenth notes played at a very fast tempo, which he plays on top of a driving eight-note kick pattern

Buddy adds accents to the straight sixteenth notes in the style of the following transcriptions:

Buddy builds momentum by adding cymbal hits around the kit, but what makes this even more impressive is the fact, that he's striking these cymbals from both the top and bottom. This transcription attempts to show a couple of these slick moves with the cymbals. Note that an up-arrow means that the stroke is to start below the cymbal, hitting it from the bottom and continuing the stick motion towards the ceiling....


from Buddy Rich Channel One Suite:
the original version of both transcriptions:
(not included with the book's CD)

Buddy Rich Channel One Suite complete
transcription points:
11:57 - 12:01 and 12:06 - 12:11
(not included with the book's CD)

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