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Originally Posted by Channing View Post
Is this normal?
If you're in a garage band, it's completely normal.

Originally Posted by Channing View Post
He wanted me to play it so fast that I had to completely change the drum beat…
Most singers/musicians don't understand that a drummer can't simply play the same thing at a radically different tempo.

The same part at a different tempo might be outside a drummer's range, the same way a different key might be outside a singer's range. Even if the drummer has enough range to make the change, the same part might sound dreadful at a different tempo.

I explained to my band that I could write three different versions of every song, but then we'd have to practice all three versions of every song, and none of us has enough time for that.

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
The use of the word "no" is warranted here.
I attended a seminar where the speaker said the first rule of being assertive is "Never accept a no-win situation". If it isn't going to work, just say "No." That isn't being bossy or aggressive, that's just being realistic.

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