Zultan cymbals - Cheap, nice but...?


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Hello everybody,

I discovered in Thomann Zultan cymbals. From the few youtube videos I could find, they sound pretty good for what I'm searching.. but I wonder if people here has experience with them? Being cheap is not always the synonim for bad quality, but I would like to know if what it's claimed it's true (high quality, B20 cymbals).




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Unfortunately I can't say I have Zultan cymbals or have tried them personally, but if money was very tight and I had to buy several new cymbals, I wouldn't hesitate to get some of these. At the very least they should work well as "practice" cymbals. Of all the clips I've heard, at least for the price, these seem much better than what you get from any of the big brands of cymbals. I base that only on what I've heard on recordings/clips though, so I guess everyone that claims that you have to try cymbals for yourself before buying will shrug at that statement. It's a smaller company, of course with less of a mass production of cymbals like the big brands, they have to compete mainly with cheaper prices. So I don't think it must be something wrong with them, neccesarily. Could check out the T-Cymbals as well, while you're looking at german webshops (Musicstore), seems like comparable cymbals on the cheaper side. Bad thing is very low (if any at all) resale value...


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I have two Zultan Caz cymbals that I bought on a whim, a 16" crash and a 19" crash/ride (both are crashes in reality). They're both winners and often find themselves on my setup even though I already have more K's than cymbal stands. They have a dark K-type sound though their bells are much smaller. I'm going to buy the 21" Caz sizzle ride the next time I'm filling my Thoman shopping basket with random items. Just too cheap to ignore. IMO the budget series from the big makers cannot compare...


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They've seemed nice from what I've heard, the usual caveats to Chinese-(I assume)-origin cheap cymbals apply that they're probably not very consistent. However, Dream, Stagg, Wuhan, etc.'s cymbals are pretty nice regularly and I imagine Zultans are in the same ballpark. Good luck with 'em!

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Zultan Caz and a few other Zultan cymbals are handmade B20 cymbals that are made by Turkish Cymbals. Thomann buys lots of cymbals from Turkish and simply rebrands them (The stamp still says Turkish Cymbals). So, yes, some of them are really good (an at least the Caz can compete with some well more renowned and expensive cymbals from e.g. Zildjian). The Caz are damn good. Especially for the money. They are in fact Turkish Millenium jazz-cymbals.