Zoom q3 hd video recorder


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I have one. I love it. No problems with the video at all.
I notice that there is a new version of this machine that the manufacturer says is coming soon. It's the Q2 HD. Do you know what the difference is with the 2 vs the 3?

Bo Eder

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The Q2HD is not in stock at many places, maybe soon?

Personally, I like my Q3HD - I had the regular ol' Q3 a year ago that didn't have HD video, that's the only difference between those two. The Q2 looks like a whole 'nother ball o' wax - I hope it's worth the price!

My video and audio lock up together, so if you think yours is off somehow, maybe there's something wrong with it? I've not been disappointed with Zoom products yet. I also have their H2 audio recorder, and the R16 16-track recorder too - they all work as advertised.


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The difference is that while the Q2 has new features like live streaming and a new interface, I've gotten the feeling that the Mid-Side microphone set-up isn't as high of quality as the X-Y on the Q3. I'll wait for some comparison videos when the Q2 comes out. It's $100 cheaper, so that makes a big difference!


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The audio quality is actually quite good for that camera but the picture quality leaves much to be desired.
In order for us to truly tell how well that camera is you should record and upload at 1080p resolution (YouTube does support 1080p)

Judging from the clip you just uploaded the picture quality is actually not that good at all, very grayish and calours look all saturated.

I'm happy with the fact that my DSLRs have video capture and the video quality of them are very very great bordering being better than professional video cameras.
Of course, those are quite expensive but hey, if you want great stuff then it'll cost ya.

Duck Tape

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I personally don't care if it's in HD, I don't need to see your nose hairs.

Looks fine to me mate.


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Ditto....looks fine here as well. Maybe adjust the playback resolution on the You tube screen. Little gear icon at the bottom.

Bo Eder

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Try some lighting. Like any of these little camcorders, especially this one, the video is not its forte. There's a big difference between a professional video camera and a $300 flash recorder. I went out and bought one of those work light sets from Home Depot and lit up a couple of videos and it totally helped the camera. The way to find out if you need lighting is to go outside and make a video in daylight. The camera will become a different animal and the video will look really good.

Being an iMovie person too, YouTube has a different method of uploading and they highly recommend following their instructions or sometimes the video won't work. So there's some kind of translation thing going on (for me anyway). But if I were to shoot something in 1080, or even 720, and stay in that format, a four-minute video can take almost 3 hours to upload. If it doesn't take that long, then you're not uploading your highest resolution, yes?


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I have the Zoom Q3HD. I think soundwise it's a great camera for the price. The video quality does leave a bit to be desired though. Especially under high or low light conditions. For the price though it does what it does and is very good at it.


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It would appear that the video is only available at 360 pixels on YouTube. It's either in your editing or recording that this has happened. The most likely candidate is when you exported it from your editing software - beware of the 'YouTube' setting for rendering! That will most likely just put it down to 360.

Re-uploading as an HD video will also improve the audio quality. The recording is functional and just fine but will improve if you upload as HD.