ZOOM Q2n vs Q4n vs Q8n for Live Recording


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For anyone who has experience with either one, or multiple versions of these Zoom video cameras, I'd like to know pros/cons/recommendations on these based on what my intended usage would be:

  • Camera would be used to record live loud rock band with internal mics only.
  • Camera would be stationary on a tripod or held by someone (before they drink too much and get shakey....)
  • Set it and forget it other than hitting "Stop" and "record." No panning or zooming. Just a view of entire stage, all band members.
  • Typical bar setting: dark with stage lights.
  • I'm just looking to get some solid footage of either my own band or other bands. Not looking for a slick professional presentation, just something to toss on YouTube or band Facebook page.

I do have the older Zoom Q2HD and have used it to record in the past. As documented with most reviews, the audio is solid but the video is so-so and the battery life is awful as with many of these products unless a power bank or AC is used. The newer Zoom Q2n, the cheapest of the 3, is touted as "The Musician's Camera."

Any thoughts?


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The video quality isn't tremendous either on the Q2n, I found the picture a bit dull. You cannot rely on it on batteries for a concert : it's around 1h recording. I use mine plugged with an iPod AC adaptor. Still, I like it very much, for its ease of use and sound quality. It's small and stable. One thing, I ordered the lens cap / lens hood, those should have been in the box, and they indeed are part of the Q2n 4K package.


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The usb AC adapter port on the Q2n didn't last very long for me. I went back and read reviews and I'd say (unscientifically!!) about 20% of them mentioned this. The battery life isn't very good on the older Q2n. The Q2n-4k is suppose to address both the usb issue and the battery life issue.


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Do you mean that they broke the usb female plug on the device ?

Steady Freddy

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I'm looking for a camera also. I think of the three mentioned the Q8n would be my choice because you can run sound from a mixer to the camera. That should sound much better than the camera's mics.