Zoom HD16CD Multi-Track Recording Studio


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I searched for threads on this recorder and I only found a few odd mentions but no reviews. Does anyone have and use this recorder?


In addition to this unit, I will also be looking for an mid-level 8 channel pre amp since I am aware that the pre amps in many of these inexpensive digital recorders are not very clean.

My budget is about $1,500 for a recorder and pre amps. I have some mediocre mics for gigging through a PA and then a smattering of decent mics.

6 SM57s (my friend runs a big hotel and he refurbed all the podiums and A/V - I got 6 for $60), two MXL 990s and an MXL 991 (a little bright and harsh but servicable) and 2 CAD pencil condensors with roll offs that actually sound decent)

Also I have an old Tascam M1600 that I got for $300 that I used with a PA so I wouldn't be such a board hog when I was mic'd up in 8 channels.

In addition to just wanting to easily make recordings of myself to improve my playing, I am questioning whether I should just put the money into pre amps and a Pro Tools rig.

Any info on the recorder or advice is appreciated.