Zildjian ZXT


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I picked up a set of these hats last week to use live where i may be bashing harder than usual. (i dont want to wreck my byzance cymbals in an energy filled moment even though ive only cracked 1 or 2 cymbals in my life)

I have to say im pretty impressed. They're 14 inch Solid hats, and to me they sound like a slightly harsh pair of A New Beats. Theres this top end sizzle thats characteristic of sheet metal but below that is a crisp, tight and musical pair of cymbals that cut and swish.

Just curious if zildjian did something right with these zxt solid series or if i just got an anomaly.


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I really liked my ZXT Titanium hats that I owned for a few years -- not sure how similar they are in sound, but it's the same line at least. Their 16" crash sounded good to my ears too. The ride... not so much.


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I always liked them a lot more than the ZBT's or the ZHT's. The Flash Splash is a great splash, and the Total China doesn't sound half bad either. Shame they had to discontinue them.


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I have a ZXT ride, and I really like it, nice and cheap and I like the sound of it. I play ZBTs at church and prefer the ZXT series as they are better on the wallet than A's.


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ZXT's were decent cymbals. I still have a set 14 in hats 18 in crashride and 20 in ride. I find them to be a bit bright and the ride is too pingy for my taste but there is nothing wrong with them. I'm currently using the zxt Hi hat bottom with a Wuhan Hi hat bottom on top cause I prefer a darker sound but for years they were my only cymbals and for a rock gig I don't think you can go wrong with them. They were certainly preferable to the zbt's of the same era. As you said the hats are like harsh newbeats. The crashride is my favorite of the series. I still use that as a ride with some frequency when I'm not using my vintage 22 in A medium ride.


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ZXT's weren't bad at all. They were blown out online a couple years ago when they were discontinued. I bought a couple crashes for $50 each. I thought they were ok for the money. I ended up selling them for what I paid.