Zildjian Sticks...Quality and Consistency


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I use Zildjian's Dennis Chambers sticks. They fit my hands and my style of playing. They're also varnished, which I prefer. But today, I bought a couple pair at a retailer, and discovered after coming home that these sticks were not varnished. Not only that, but the quality of the wood was awful. They vibrate in my hands from the impact against the drum head, which had never been an issue. Do you guys see that kind of inconsistency in you sticks?

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They may have been old sticks. They used to only lacquer the sticks for Dennis's personal orders, and the ones that went to stores had the regular finish found on the regular sticks. This is because Dennis was once a Regal Tip artist and preferred the thick lacquer finish Regal is known for. I guess after a while they just decided to stop making two different batches of his sticks and just say "lacquer for all!"


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I've had that happen in two of the brands I use, Regal Tip and Vater. It happens sometimes......I think it's like anything else. Every once in a while a dud gets through. I've since bought sticks again from said companies and they've been fine.


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Remember that Vic Firth makes ALL of Zildjian's sticks and have for years, since they announced their merger (and probably even before then).

I do find "duds" once in a while too, from all companies. Withe the high level of quality control, it shouldn't happen. If you contact the store or contact Zildjian, they should stand by their product. Paying a premium price for those sticks should entitle you to the quality and consistency they are supposed to have.