Zildjian ride X2?


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I'm looking to get 2 rides. why 2? I play about everything from BB King to Megadeth. & everything in between.

I want 1 to be a primary VERY PINGGY ride So i'm looking at the Zildjian 22" Ping ride. I think a Mega bell ride might be a little much...

I also want a lighter good sounding crashable ride So I'm looking at the Zildjian 21" sweet ride.

I'm not a big fan of Crash/rides

Do any of y'all have this combo or think there is a better combo to get what i'm looking for?
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Yeah, I've got both of those mate.......well, almost. My Ping ride is 20". I don't use them together, but I use them nonetheless. I've had the Ping ride for many years now. It was my only ride for a hell of a long time. I still love the thing, but these days my tastes have found me using the Sweet Ride more often than not.

At the end of the day, you've got both ends of the spectrum covered with those two choices. The Ping ride is just that...."pingy." Horrible when crashed but beautiful stick definition with very little wash at all. I've found the bell is plenty loud enough for hard rock etc. (I actually used to use a Z Custom ride for a while too.....just a bit too excessively loud I found and scaled it back to the Ping ride after several months.....it gave me everything I needed anyway).
And the Sweet Ride....man, what a cymbal!! To my ear, it's the perfect blend between wash and ping......very "sweet" indeed. I've only owned this one for a year or so but have grown to favour it in that time.


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Well if you might consider getting just one ride, I can recommend the K Custom medium ride and the K Ride. Both are extremely versatile and could be used for jazz, rock, and everything in between. The only think they might not be able to do is metal, as they don't have a super ping, but there's still a good ping.

However if you're set on getting 2, which I understand, then your choices are pretty solid. The ping ride will work well. Another one I could recommend for the lighter ride is one of the K Constantinople's. These are more expensive, but they sound amazing. They crash great, and have a responsive definition, with plenty of wash for your jazzy needs.
But if you're on a budget, the sweet ride is great too.


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I went with 2 rides for a long time a paiste dry (great loud glassy rock ping) and a K ride for the ballad stuff...ended up ditching the K ride for a K crash and just use a bigger crash for the ballads now 19" paiste twenty crash works real well for this..