Zildjian New Beat HiHat Or Zildjian K/Z Hihat


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Hey guys, I recently sold my whole kit and have began setting up the new one. So far in mind I'm looking to purchase the 21" Zildjian A Sweet ride, 17" A Custom Crash, and as for the shell pack I'm looking to order the Pearl Vision VBX In Concord fade . As for the HiHats, I am struck between 2 choices. I play rock, as in classic rock, some different stuff ranging from alternative to punk, Never Jazz or Metal though. What would you guys recommend? The New beat, Or K/Z ? I have read that the K/z is more versatile, But also sounds more dead and flat. By the way as for the rest of my kit let me know what you guys think,


Bo Eder

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I've owned both and in the end, the New Beats won out for me. It's a very versatile sound that works for everything (also dictated by the fact that nearly every modern recording has some form of New Beats on them (if you look at recordings, movies, and tv commercials from the 40s to now). Sabian AA's, Paiste 2002's, and Meinl's Classics all sound close to New Beats. The only way I could get something different was to go LARGE.

The K/Zs, after the Dave Weckl phenomenon calmed down, seemed like a one-trick pony. It's good, but it's so identified with that late 80s-early 90s era of GRP/Smooth Jazz recordings, that to me the combination sounds dated. Whereas New Beats are pretty timeless. You could use New Beats for the next 50 years and they'd still deliver a good solid hi-hat sound. My two cents ;)


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I'm gonna have to echo what Bo said for the second time today :)

I've played the K/Z combo on several occasions and while they're nice enough, they're not as versatile as New Beats, IMO. I have owned a couple pairs of 13" NBs in the past and probably 3 pairs of 14s. Every time I thought I could do better with something else, I kept coming back to NBs. The pair I'm on now are 14s and I don't plan to ever part with them as they work with everything I do and sound great doing it, plus they play effortlessly. They've been very popular for many decades now and I can easily see why.

New Beats FTW!


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I like New Beats, but you should try them both if you can.

The rest of the kit choices seem like they'll be fine.


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Thanks ! That was exactly the answer I was looking for. I will most likely be going with the New Beats, I found them Slightly Used for 170, Which is a good deal in my mind. What do you think of the Pearl Vision VBX ? As well as the Custom A 17" Zildgian Crash, Was getting it brand new for 140. Finally as for the Ride I was going to go with the Sweet Ride 21" Zildgian.


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Have owned a pair of 13" K/Z Specials for years, have owned a pair of 14" New Beats for years too. Love 'em both and the fact that they've been with me so long is testament enough to the fact I think they're both excellent and both are well worth consideration.

But for sheer versatility, I'd recommend New Beats. Honestly, they just fit into so many playing applications that if I were only allowed to have 1 set of hats (instead of 4), New Beats would win hands down.


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Are you located somewhere where you can try those cymbals?

I don't think you'll find too many people who don't like the A Customs for crashes, they seem to be pretty popular all around.
But the Sweet Ride seems to draw some pretty strong opinions from people.

I just got a 2nd one (3rd actually, but I bought the first one used, that was cracked pretty badly, that I cut down to a smaller size). I think it's one of the most versatile rides. But because it also crashes so well, it can get very washy if you ride it close to the outer edge.
I'm still fairly new to the Sweet Ride , but I could tell right away that's it's a cymbal I'll always have. Just like the New Beats.

It really depends on what you want out of it. If you'd like much stronger ping or bell sounds you might want to also try a Ping Ride, or something like the A Medium ride.
Nothing wrong with trying other brands too. You might find something you like better.

I don't have too many thoughts either way about the Visions. What kind of sizes are you looking at?


Re: Zildjian New Beat Hi Hat Or Zildjian K/Z Hi Hat

I can always recommend the Zildjian New Beats as the first hi hat cymbals to try, they are that good and very versatile. Now go and reconsider the drum kit, lol.



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Been playing 13" K/Zs since 1993...will never touch another set of hats...ever. Nothing else compares, they are great for everything.


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I still love my K/Z hats. I have gone through a lot of hats but I still come back to the K/Z, they still sound great to my ears. Warm and yet pin-sharp. Each to their own.


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I have had them both.
I had a K/Z 13 and I have a NB 14.
I sold the K/Z, the bottom is to hard, the NB is to my ears much more versatile, many the most versatile hi-hat out there.

I have 4 Hi-hats, but if I was to keep only one it had to be the NB.

the NB you will have for life, but you will get tired of the sound of the K/Z


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I have a pair of 14" New Beats I love. Girlfriend bought me the Zildjian 15" 3-Pack deal recently that had the 15" NB Top, 15" K-Light Top, and 15" K-Light Bottom.

I'll still play my 14" NBs from time to time, but it is tough to beat those K-Lights. The NB top with a K-Light bottom isn't terrible either but doesn't sound as good to me as the full K-Lights. They're SO responsive.