Zildjian Large Hollow Stamp ID


This is my ride cymbal, a 22" Zildjian. It weighs 2585g, and it has a very light, trashy sound and crashes very well. I never gave its age much thought until recently. I found this site:
I was very surprised to learn that it dates to the mid-50s! My stamp is very clearly a hollow block. That is THE defining feature of this era right?



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You’re good with the date. Roughly 1954 to 1957. The catch is that not all of those years have a hollow block stamp, in fact they’re relatively rare. The ones that do seem to be larger diameter (generally 18-22in) and appear to be more worked / hammered.

I’ve always wondered if they were custom ordered for pro’s or just sort of Zildjian’s high end line at a time when that wasn’t advertised. In any case, they’re worth more than the non block stamps of the same era.

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Thanks for the information. Not that I'm looking to sell it, but do you have any idea what it might be worth?
For value, condition is king. If it still had its 7/16 mounting hole, intricate hammering underneath and was free of serious wear about 300 dollars. Mint with original label maybe 400. We can all dream. With a fair amount of wear and keyholing, it can dip to 200. With cracks, all bets are off.