Zildjian K's with Z3's?


Hey. So having made the decision to go with some A New beat Hi hats, I've been more interested in Zildjian's other cymbals (Since I have been planning on redoing my setup for ages...)

Basicly, I've come to absolutely love the K Dark Medium ride, but also the Z3 Medium crashes...Now I was just wondering, since the Z3s are pretty bright, and the K pretty dark, would these be too different to blend together well?


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I mix bright and dark cymbals on my set but due to being a cover band with varied set list...basically use the bright for driving rock/ metal and K's and Twenty's for everthing else. I have very large set up 2 rides 6 crashes + 5 effect cymbals and there are songs whenn I get smashing I cant help but mix'm up a little. I love having the diversity of cymbal sounds and for the most part they all blend well. I do think if I had to go down to say 4 -5 cymbals I would try to keep them all the same though.


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Whether a cymbal's brightness (or darkness for that matter) affects the sound of the kit as a whole or not seems to be a sort of opinionated thing. I wouldn't worry about it.

However, Z3's are pretty heavy cymbals, and are mostly used for louder music. I'd be more worried about responsiveness compared to the K's, which are known more for jazz sounds. That might be where they clash.


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that's my favourite combination: medium pitch hh , low pitch ride and hi pitched crashes. that works very well , specially if you crash you ride because the ride creates a wall of white noice and the crashes can cut through with out any problem.
but if you still think is too dark , try the KC hybrid ride.