Zildjian K Fast Crashes


I have a 16 k fast crash which I absolutely love. I want to get another to go right side on my kit and have the chance to buy one used. The guy has a 17 and an 18. Which would you recommend. I love the fastness which I think the 17 will have, but will it have the separation that I will get from the 18. Thoughts appreciated.


I would consider an 18" crash too for those times when a little more sustain is desired. You've already got the 16" fast crash for those fast short burst. It also depends on the style of music you you play the most.


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If you can visit the guy with the cymbals, take your 16 and listen to all three together. Let your ears decide.


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When in doubt - get both.
Maybe the guy will cut you a deal if you take them both.
If not - do what GD says.


I have the 17 inch K Custom Fast and the 16 inch K Custom Dark, The separation is perfect for me. I don't know if this helps but I had the 18 inch K Custom Dark and it was just louder than the others, not just a little louder but enough louder that when I hit it I felt like I had to go easier on it because it didn't fit in volume-wise. I ended up selling it