Zildjian compilation?


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hey fellow drummers,

There's this compilation album that I used to listen to when I was younger that was put together by Zildjian. It featured a lot of amazing drummers who used zildjian cymbals. Unfortuntely, I don't remember the name of it. I've searched all over the internet for some sort of info about it, but have found absolutely nothing.
The only 2 songs I know for sure that were on it are Friends by Joe Satriani and Shinbone Alley by Spin Doctors.

Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about?

Alain Rieder

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It's is called Zildjian Drummers Tracks "People who Speak with their Hands".

01 - 7th Ave. South - Dave Weckl.
02 - Go Away - William Calhoun.(Living Colours).
03 - Li´l Jack Horny - Paul Geary.(Extreme).
04 - Neptune Overture - Tony Williams.
05 - Backdoor - Jason Bonham.
06 - Servitude - Fish.
07 - The Perfect Date - Steve Smith.
08 - Friends - Gregg Bissonette.
09 - Shinbone Alley - Aaron Comes.(Spin Doctors).
10 - Two Price Hit - Dennis Chambers.
11 - Spaceships - Vinnie Colaiuta.
12 - Ten o´clock Groove - Alex Acuña.