Zildjian A custom Z-Mac ride


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I am buying an A Custom 20" Z-mac ride which I have never heard of before.
Anybody got any experiences with it? Is it any good for Metal? The bell and bow seem very cutting and good.
I can barely find any info about it anywhere, very strange( I do know that the seller is legit though and he has uploaded a video of it).


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ZMAC (multi-application cymbals) are marching/orchestral cymbals. I'm not aware of the A Custom Zmacs, but there are A Zmacs.


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Years ago I bought a 20" Zildjian A Marching Cymbal (because it was CHEAP!) to try as a ride cymbal. That was not a good idea. Very clangy with a heavy metallic spread that overcame the stick sound completely. I didn't keep it for long.



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Based on every one I've ever heard I've always assumed that Z-MAC's were designed specifically to sound bad in as many situations as possible.

I too have never heard of an A Custom Z-MAC, but I don't doubt it is possible. That said, I've seen a lot of new (post 2013) regular A cymbals mistakenly identified as A Custom because of the change of logo style.


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We have those at school to use for marching cymbals, which they are fine for...I would not use it as a ride...esp for metal!!


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Alright everyone I have recieved my weird cymbal! And it's amazing! It's kind of like a regular A Custom Ride but with more ping and the bell is one of the most cutting I have heard! This is certainly not a marching cymbal like other Zmacs seem to be. But still very strange, nobody seems to know about these A Custom Zmac rides. Can't find any info about them. A mystery!