Zildjian A Custom Crash Pawn Shop Find

No Way Jose

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I was looking for parts to fix a snare drum when I looked over their cymbal collection. Almost all cymbals there were low end stuff but then my eyes came upon it! A Zildjian A Custom 18 inch crash in great condition asking price USA $ 75. I checked it thoroughly then bought it. How did I do, is that a good price?


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I would have offered $37 and negotiated to split the difference around $56 to $60. It's a pawn shop so they are used to negotiating. That said, what you paid might be a decent price. I haven't bought any cymbals, new or used, in quite a while but you've given me an idea to visit some pawn shops before I think about buying new. Thanks.


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That’s a pretty good deal. It’s an even better deal the thinner (read: lighter) it is.



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That’s a good deal. Around here, that cymbal will still only fetch maybe $100 on the used market. In any case, you did well!