Zildjian 22 inch Crash


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I´m looking for a Zildjian 22 inch "Crash" I know Zildjian don't make crashes that big, but what 22 inch ride will work as a crash? (the set up is: 21 Sweet Ride as a crash, sometimes a 21 K crash ride as a crash too, and a 24 A Medium Ride.


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You could also try the 22 K Light Ride..

.. if you dare. I''m not sure how well it would hold up as a crash if you're a hard hitter or whether it would be too dark for you but it would make a decent 22 inch crash.


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I had a 22" Zildjian crash ride for a bit. I liked it but it was just a bit overbearing when we were recording.


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your options are:
22" K crash ride: IMO is not a crash ride, it's just a big crash that can be riden.
22" K dark ride, dan trapp from senses fail uses it as a crash, and souns really good
22" K hybrid ride, this cymbals can do everything: nice bell, nice ping ping, awesome crash


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I had in mind the 22 K Crash Ride, but as far as I know is discontinued, I am leaning towards the K Custom Dark Ride


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22" is a big ass crash! LOL

fwiw, are you set on Zildjian? Several other cymbal manufacturers make much thinner 22" cymbals that would be better crashes than any Zildjian ride. Bosphorus's Master's series, for example, has 22" rides that are extremely thin (much thinner than any Zildjian), and would open up very well when crashed.


You could always go for a smaller crash that projects better? Zildjian produces the 20" A Custom crash and a 19" K Custom Hybrid crash that are both supposed to be very good! They'll probably last longer and be a good chunk cheaper as well!