Zep to return?


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I don't why people keep digging up this story, other than it would rock.... Robert Plant has remained consistent in saying they're contently involved in their own projects and that it's not happening. It sucks but doesn't look promising.


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Well, we'll see what happens. Now that the Alison Krauss tour is coming to an end, maybe we'll see the reunion. I don't see why not. It's not like they were just some band, they're frickin' Led Zeppelin, damn it. But I've learned not to trust speculation, even from the NME.


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It would be great but without Bonzo there truly will be a huge whole missing...just because Jason is his son does not make the timekeeping the same...Bonzo had the soul of the band. But it would not stop me from parting from some of my greenbacks to go see the old salts!