ZBT top hat is cracked horribly, replace both hats or just top?


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Does anyone have any ideas to create a nice hefty chick and high shhhh with a top zildjian hat that will go on top of a ZXT?

Don't really want to fork out $$ unless and absolutely have to.
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If it were me I would just get some new or used hats and use the bottom for an effects cymbal. ZBT's are OK but it might be time to move up. or maybe you could get a 14" ZBT crash and use it for a top hat assuming yours are 14" .


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There's absolutely no reason you cannot mix-match your top and bottom hats. Take your bottom, and the bottom hat :), into a store and try out some tops. FWIW, I have an A. Zildjian bottom and a UFIP top.


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Dude, Save up some cash and buy some good used hats.
There is nothing more rewarding that a good pair of hats on a good stand.