YouTube to MP3 conversion program.

Not for nothing, you can record YouTube in Audacity and export to MP3

I have used this method with much success.
4K Video Downloader is really good. Downloads video or audio from the source.
Mr. Force....Thanks...I had no idea these types of programs existed.
I tried your recommended MP3 Convert on my old computer and they did not get along well.
BUT...there is another one that is friendly with my old mac. Ytmp3. in 10 seconds.
Typically, I will run the audio through my board, to adjust eq and levels.
Usually adding low end and matching input levels on Right and Left and then go into pro Tools.
It sounds better this way....but is time consuming.
If you need it quick?.......These programs get it
It's nice to have options. I've used this free software for years and it's never failed to quickly convert. They also have a YT video downloader (and other conversion type products), which gives you 4 (I believe) free videos before you have to buy it for $20.
I don’t have the download link on hand, but I use TCA MediaDownloader and it’s great. Just copy and paste the YouTube URL and it generates MP3 in seconds. I download entire albums with one button press.