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I do a lot of my wood shedding in my home studio on my actual recording and touring kit. I feel it helps me to get around the kit better when I practice on my big kit. You just start practicing things on the entire kit and using all the voices you have. Then you can apply them to different styles of music. Using rudiments on the entire kit not just the snare or practice pad. I take the Thomas Lang approach to the kit when I practice. And sometimes I just record it in the studio to listen back and analyze what was just going on.


Juan Exposito

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Here it is my home drum room. When we bought this house some years ago, the possibility of the drum room was an important factor that helped to chose it.
The old garage had to be sacrificed in the benefit of THE room, difficult decision that took me looooong 10 secs of thinking :)
I put some effort in the pictures: I want to show them to my dad, who lives in another city, and never could come here to see the house.

More pictures and details here:

Here is my new practice space. It will be a home studio once i order the Tascam US1800 and some mic cables. Dont mind the wet floor. I plan on adding more foam and building some bass traps asap. Jaun your room is sick!!!!!! I would cut off a pinky toe to have that in my house.



Just posting here to let you guys know how unbelievably jealous I am.

Also, if anyone has any ideas of places to enquire for rooms to rent please list them, as I'm scratching my head trying to figure out places for me to practice.


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My practice drum kit. I use this WAY more than more normal one as my current life doesn't allow for a lot of real playing. (i.e. two small children).

I bought the DW practice pad set that goes directly on real drums. Then I cobbled together some old snare stands and stuff, constructed a kick drum practice pad, bought some practice symbols and made this. It's great for learning sticking patterns and practicing.


Vegas Island

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Vegas Island, I really like your room. We are planning to set up a spare bedroom like this. May I ask what are the dimensions of your room?
I'll get you those dimensions by the weekend.

Got 'em. Sorry for the delay. 13' 9" x 12' 6".
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Just pads for me that get abused daily. Kinda short on room with guitars & ampage so i'm one of the unlucky ones that needs to rent lol to play their drumset.


Odd-Arne Oseberg

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It works, but I have to stay within normal people's schedule now. I preferred to get up at 5 a.m. just go for it.

Basically, it's the second floor of my parents boathouse. Half'n'half this small apartment and my dads workshop.

Nice view, though.