your wisdom woodshed


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Here's my latest wisdom woodshed, "The Demo Den" in Pompano Beach, Fl. My bands jam here and record our stuff.



I just moved my kit into my mates studio at ODIN RECORDINGS NZ. He has only been running this place for a year or so. The place has wonderful accoustics and is a kick ass practice do located in an industrial park so great for 24hrs noise making!



Pearl Custom rack contains:

8"Remo roto tom
10"Remo roto tom

8"EX tom
10"EX tom
12"EX tom
14"EX tom

14" Pearl Chad Smith snare

2x 22x20 ex bassdrums (anally tuned to bloody perfection lolz)


6" Paiste alpha thin splash
10" Paiste Rude splash
14" Paiste 502 hats
14" Paiste Dimensions Short Crash
14" Paiste Sound Formula Crash
14" 2002 China crash
16" Tradionals China crash
16" Paiste 502 crash
18" 505 Heavy Ride
20" 502 Ride


Pearl Demon Drive Pedals
Pearl Custom Twin Rack with Pearl tom mounts and cymbal mounts.
Roland TD6K module
Roland Triggers

Cheers Alex for letting me move in!
Wow dude,
your kit truly looks like an evil monster with that finish and all those spikey hardware angles and stuff. I think it's the scariest kit I've ever seen. Pretty cool :)


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This thread is great, i dont have any pics but i thought youd all appreciate this. My first band when i was in high school turned my best friends room into the band room and moved his bed and everything out. He slept on a couch from about 10th grade to his senior year, now thats dedicated!!


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My practice space (a room within a room in my garage), the amps and microphone are because the room is also used for my band. The practice room was built a year ago on a small budget, reject carpet tiles bought online for 20p each, that sort of thing. I am very happy with the room, the size, the look, the sound and had no complaints from the neighbours!


PS. We did actually fork out for acoustic foam and sound board plaster board along with the other budget methods. Works a treat!



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Hey all, new here and new to drumming in general. Thought I'd show what I'm working with. I managed to set up a nice little practice nook in the apartment I share with my girlfriend.



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well, here's what i got. not the best pictures, but maybe once it's all done i'll take some good pictures.

so, it's my basement. we're slowly converting it into additional "living space." already heated. we re-did the floors, added a drop ceiling...

...and just painted two walls. i don't have any other pics, but this at least shows the color.

last, the drums themselves. lots of work goin on here too, haha.


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Here is my little dedicated space. It is fairly sound resistant. Floors walls and ceiling done, 2X6 packed with Roxul, 1 inch of blue styrofoam, drywall both sides and a layer of carpet. Door is about 10 inches thick and seals well.