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I'll just do trios to keep it simpler:

If it has to be musicians who are alive, maybe:

Me: drums & percussion
Adrian Belew: guitar & vocals
John Paul Jones: bass & keyboards

If they can be musicians who have passed on:

Me: drums & percussion
Jimi Hendrix: guitar & vocals
Jaco Pastorius: bass
Does your tombstone have wifi?
(anybody get it?)


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At the moment, for MY ultimate band, I would just mash Streetlight Manifesto and Touche Amore into one superband and die of happiness.

I mentioned on Facebook the other day that I wanted to start a band like that, and while I expected nobody to like the idea, I got a few responses from people who were interested.
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Never really thought about it

Drums - Justin Greaves (Neil Perry, ALOL)
Guitar - Cameron Wisch (Zona Mexicana, Hands)
Bass - Syd Butler (Les Savy Fav)
Vocals - Jenn Ghetto (Carissa's Wierd, S)

technical, loud, sad, mathy


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Vocals/guitar Lenny Gravitz
Guitar/background vocals Jimi Hendrix
Guitar/Vocals Prince
Percussion Sheila E
Drums Questlove
Bass Anthony Jackson
Vocals Percussion Rahzel


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Vocals -Phil Anselmo
Guitar - Dimebag Darrell
Bass - Rex Brown
Drums - Vinnie Paul

Pantera......the ultimate band. Tight, musical, great songs and energy and work together seamlessly (if you believe that). I can't think of four musicians who would fit together so well.

Jonny Sumo

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I love Zep but my ultimate band would be me, Billy and Dusty....I'd let Frank be the drum tech so we could all play poker and drink JD while they told war stories....yeeeehawww!!

Diet Kirk

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An ideal world: Your dream band?



In an ideal world. What would be your dream band?

It can exist already and you can replace the current drummer, or is it a mixture of two styles that has yet to exist?

My bad, I got really good at using the search function too :(
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Vocals: Ronnie James Dio and Freddie Mercury
Guitar: Jimi Hendrix
Bass: Cliff Burton
Drums: Keith Moon


Vocals: Chris Cornell
Guitar: Alex Lifeson and Tom Morello
Bass: Geddy Lee
Drums: Neil Peart