Your thoughts on "20 x "12 kick drums

I bought this 24x12 off the marketplace last week. I stripped it down, refinished it, and added some new heads. this thing really thumps! it's super light- I really like the size. still trying to figure out the maker, but not having much luck.

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The studio I play in has one & it's great as the engineer can dial it in perfectly. Not too boomy & just the right amount of punch.
They're great for smaller gigs too. Fit great on smaller stages.
The 20 x 12 bass drum that came with my Sonor Safari kit has worked for me as Ross said- just right for smaller gigs and fitting in tight real estate. Also, when mic'd up, it can get the job done quite well for most medium-large sized venues.


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The first 20 x 12 bass drum I was aware of was the one Andy & Dean built for their "Cappuccino" kit around 2012/2013.

Then after that I noticed Sonor built one for their Players kit. When they introduced that I don't know.

I'd like to know who built the first commercially available 20 x 12 bass drum and especially when they did it.

That size is great for club owners who are skittish about volume to see. They just look less loud, but of course they can hold their own.

I can set up my 4 piece 20 x 12 kit in a 4 foot by 4 foot space...which includes me sitting at it. Great for tight spaces.

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Ace, I can set up the 26" set in 4 foot by 4 foot if I don't use heavy duty cymbal stands. pretty sure WFL drums did 12" bass drums..


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The frequent Flyer and Ultra Flyer kits sound great with their 20x12.

And so do the Center Stage kits (all 12'' deep):


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We play a lot of small stages, so my Blaemire 12x20 gets lots of gig usage. Paired with my 8x12 tom and 15x15 floor makes a great combo! This was a gig on the back of a boat. ;-)