Your snare formula


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I prefer deeper drums. I seem to get more body at higher tunings. I usually use S-Hoops on the batter but occasionally will use a diecast. It depends on the drum. As for heads, I usually use something with a dot on the batter side. I prefer coated CS Emperors but they are a special order. I am ok with a CS-X. I have always used Hazy Ambassadors on the bottom. However, on metal drums, I have recently been experimenting with thicker heads on the top and thinner heads on the bottom. Something like an Emperor X on top and a Hazy Diplomat on bottom. That's the Jason Bonham formula and I dig his tone. I like it but I haven't gigged it yet. Most of my snares have Puresound 24s but I couple have some generic 42s. I am an unrepentant reso cranker and constant rimshotter.


I also have 10 year old strings on my P bass, and they still sound great, and feel even better
Nothing sweeter than really old flats on a P bass...reckon mine are at least 12 years old...
Just fitted a new G2 and Hazy 300 on an old no name snare with no intention of ever changing them unless they break...


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i dont really have a formula, i get drums that i like the sound of. thats why i have snares ranging from 10" to 14" and from 3" depth to 8" depth, and various shell materials. head and tuning combinations very from drum to drum as well as what works for one drum i own may not work with another one that i own.


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I have a decent selection of snares but I tend to stick with the following two:

1) Custom snare. I had Stone Custom Drums build me a 3-ply maple shell with reinforcement rings and rounded bearing edges. I then attached a set of vintage hardware off an old broken Roger's Dynasonic minus the snare bed. Remo Ambassador and Evans Hazy heads. The result is a one-of-a-kind snare that has gobs of tone and is my favorite drum to record.

2) Older Sonor: I picked up a 1968 Sonor D-444 Ferromanganese snare at a flea market. It's not in the greatest condition but is one of the best metal snares I've ever played. I'm still experimenting with head selection but it's an incredibly dry sound with an awesome crack, not unlike a supraphonic.

One of the biggest influences on a snare's sound I've found is your choice of snare wires. I favor Puresound Custom Pro series brass snares which are a little warmer to my ears.


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14x5.5 Premier XPK birch/eucalyptus, 14x5.5 Yamaha stage custom all birch, 14x6.5 DW performance maple. The premier has an Evans coated hydraulic red on the batter, some chineseium remo on the snare side, the yammie wears a, Aquarian coated studio X on the batter with an Evans hazy 300 on the snare side, the DW wears it's stock Remo skins because it sounded amazing literally right out of the box. Again, pics when I'm not at work and can take them.