Your plans for 2018 with drums?


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Hey guys!

I wonder how many of you actually make a plan to work on every year as drummers?

I started doing this last year with my burnout, as I had to "re-plan" my whole life, it was very useful to do some kind of list like that.
So I started doing that for drums too, as I didn't know what to work on first and next.
At the end of last year, being still a bit sick from it, I was surprised I actually reached all the goals that I planned for that year (4/4). It makes me feel a bit more comfortable too, as I know the exact road I'm going for...
Also, to make sure I stick to them I pretty much publish them everywhere I can.
So here we go, this is my list:

- Complete my drumkit:
was scheduled for February but I'm getting delayed by some last minute changes, so it will probably be April/May this year)

- Complete module 1 and module 2 of my weaknesses (this is a list of everything I dislike of my drumming in the road of becoming a professional drummer)

- Finish studio work, record (audio and video), publish it

- Grow my small music business: I actually have an outline with goals on this but I won't publish this exact thing, so... that's why. I also do this only part-time as a "hobby" really... (we all know the music industry)

- Reach 1000 subs: Yea I know... "subs". But I'm really enjoying doing this videos... I don't plan to have 1 million followers but the idea to inspire, share and help, is what drives it on...

For those that don't want to read, as I vlog, I made a specific video about it (I also explain a bit more in detail):

Now is your turn, what are your drum/music related goals for this year?


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To only play music that I love, and to enjoy every rehearsal and gig. To simplify what I do and play, because as a clever person once said " Perfection is not when there is nothing left to add, its when there is nothing that needs taking away".


"Uncle Larry"
Keep sharpening my time. I want to be one of these guys that can clap any tempo from memory. Which seems impossible to me now. But some people can do it. I want to be one of those people.

Time is everything. I just recorded my son's band. No click. I could not listen to it, the time was really lagging. Completely unusable.


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Get as many gigs as possible. I like playing live, even on small occasions. It worries me when my band lingers too long in rehearsal and doesn't get opportunities.
Good concerts reboosts the band.


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To only play music that I love, and to enjoy every rehearsal and gig.
This is me right here. +1 all the way!

I want to play gigs with the band and meet cool people, and do my best to enjoy every show and rehearsal. I used to focus so hard on the next big gig or the possibility of "who might be there" back when I was younger. These days, I just try to enjoy ANY time I get to spend with my band mates.


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  1. Write more music.
  2. Play better to that music.
  3. Play less busy.
  4. Improve my funk.
  5. Improve my audio engineering and mixing skills.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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Get back in the saddle in every way, get my routine back, finish my drum book or at least start writing agin, continue the heavy left handed drumming and left hand lead thing, give my BD foot more work now as my achilles tendonitis is almost gone, get back in shape, get back into school starting, although a bit late, a new career as a performer on this new instrument, and win my court case so I can get my life back and buy all the drum stuff I want.


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More paying gigs than last year :)

Drumwise -
Just finished my cocktail kit, so all sorted for drum stuff............................well a "Zendrum Stompblock"....finished...!!

Work on the many other percussion instruments I own that I should practice more - Doumbek, Pandeiro, Gospel Tambourine, Bodhran.



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Well, my immediate goal in 2018 is to do well at this jazz gig in two weeks - a big step away from my comfort zone, and hopefully the beginning of something regular.

A lot of 2018 will be devoted to getting back in shape, improving my overall health, and maintaining a good work/life balance - something that has eluded me the past few years.

Drumming-wise, I'm looking at getting back in the studio with one of my bands and (finally) completing the record we're working on, and also having a lot of fun this summer with my covers band. We've been busy securing bookings; we've booked the winery with the awesome view again, and this time we're bringing along a pair of horn players with whom we did a benefit last month. It was as if we'd been playing together for years - it should be a great time.


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1) Work a bit on Stick Control. Something I've never done in 27+ years of drumming.

2) Learn to record drums properly.

3) Play some jazz.


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Work on fundamentals: rudiments, especially singles and doubles. Finger/hand technique, weak hand, get comfortable using 32nds around the kit at fast tempos. Also, get consistent with bass drum speed instead of having good and bad days.

Don't need any equipment for this except maybe a new throne. Oh yeah - work on posture (stop slouching).


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Get more gigs!

In the past I've had big plans to update and upgrade my kit each year. I've kinda tabled that, and even tho I'll always look at used gear deals, I don't have any upgrade planned. My gear isn't top shelf, but it works and I like how it sounds. (OK, maybe change out some stands for lighter versions, but that's a maybe sort of thing...)

I'd like to get my life organized better so that I could try and do some online lessons and such. Perhaps....


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I'll answer to everyone in this post:

This is awesome!! It's so great to not be alone on such things... I love this forum for exactly these reasons. We can share our struggles and what we work on, etc.

I'm looking forward seeing your achievements :D Tomorrow is my second drum lesson following my "modules" goals, I'm working on my left foot independence like crazy and also on the metronome, want to take that sucker to the next level.

keep on rocking and wish you the best this year!!


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I am now working at home full time, and able to make my own schedule. I have others come over to my home to practice and I can work around others schedule easily.

I bought a Mixer (Yamaha MG16XU) that works well with my power amp (Crown XLS 2000) and speakers and Ashly equalizers. I got the PA system so I could invite others to come over and play.

I have started doing a lot more singing and picked up the harmonica again. I used to play the harmonica a lot many years ago, but was never able to play drums and harmonica at the same time easily before. In the past whenever I would put a microphone to the harmonica, I would get too much feed back or it was just too uncomfortable to do.

Now, because of a decent PA, I am able to get the volume above the drums. Also I purchased a harparm:

This is a nice little boom extension that holds the harmonica magnetically under a microphone very steady. I used to have the older style Bob Dylan-like harmonica stand that you wear around your neck. That older style holder just never seemed to work well for me. I would rather sing using a head set microphone, but I can do it with the boom stand.

Overall my plans for 2018 with drums, is to sing and play the harp more while drumming.

Midnite Zephyr

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My plan is not to buy any more and just enjoy the stuff that I have. I have enough stuff, but there's never enough snare drums and cymbals. :)