Your next planned purchase


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Shell banks of a custom acrylic and two maple/walnut stave kits, and Paiste Signatures. Should only cost me around 20 grand.

Oh, you mean, realistically? Dunno, probably some cymbal felts.
I don't plan purchases, I just have happy little accidents on ebay as Bob Ross would put it. I think I've only bought two new drums and about five cymbals because it's a lot cheaper to try things and see what you want to keep. Luckily, I've sold a few cymbals and drums over the last year and the general trend is less gear for me.


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I’d like to migrate to a rack system.
I am a firm supporter of rack systems. Mine is a well-worn DR-80 from Pearl. It's the square tubed "Jeff Porcaro" inspired model. I got it second hand with 10 clamps for $100 AUD.

It absolutely changed me. Far less stage real estate needed, much quicker set up time..... overall more convenient.


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Sorry about the delay........time zone difference!

Anyways......this is the kit that I want to get. I've always been intrigued by the Mapex Armory kits.View attachment 90480
Ooh I wish this finish had been available when I bought mine :love:

This is my next purchase. Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid Oak snare. I played one in the shop, it was stunning.
Well I need some new felts too, but that not so exciting haha


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Buying plenty of baby items but no time/money for drum stuff.

Plus I have everything I need anyway.


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Mine will be more of a trade. I have a 22" Zildjian K Custom dry ride that I just don't like. It's not musical at all for what I do & I need a new crash. So I'll shop it around and see what someone can offer.


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My next purchase is taking me too long because I know it's going to cost me.
It will likely be a set of 15 Byzance dark hats and maybe a 19 Byzance dark crash to go with the extra thin 20 hammered crash and 20 sand ride.