your most favorite bassist/drummer rhythm section

Jeremy Bender

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  • Sonny Payne & Eddie Jones
  • Graeme Edge & John Lodge
  • Phil Gould & Mark King
  • Jeff & Mike Porcaro
  • Andy Newmark & Nathan East
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First to mind as important and influential to me-
Paul and Ringo, Bill Bruford and Jeff Berlin, Bruford and Squire, Tim and Les, Dunn and Heifetz, George Porter Jr and Zigaboo, Vinnie and Rex (and Dimebag, too), Sting and Stew, Flea and Jack Irons, Bootsy and Jabo, Duck Dunn and Al Jackson Jr, Sly and Robbie, Billy Gould and Mike Bordin...
Give me a bit, I'll probably think of more.
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Al Strange

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My fave has to be Stewart and Stingo but here’s some that I don’t recall being mentioned above (apologies if that’s not the case):

Cozy Powell and Neil Murray
Carmine Appice and Tony Franklin
Roger Taylor and John Deacon
Nick Menza and Dave Ellefson
Mickey Curry and Dave Taylor
Eric Singer and Greg Chaisson
Ian Haugland and John Leven


Vapor Trail

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Some amazing duos already listed.

Don't think this pair was mentioned, but they absolutely killed together in Steven Wilson's band: Marco Minneman and Nick Beggs!

My all-time favorites from those mentioned:

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Phillip Fisher & Norwood Fisher (Fishbone)
Stewart Copeland & Sting
Mitch Mitchell & Noel Redding
Carlton Barrett & Aston Barrett
Charlie Watts & Bill Wyman
Jabo Starks / Clyde Stubblefield & Bootsy Collins
Matt Cameron & Ben Shephard
Benny Benjamin & James Jamerson
Dave Krusen / Dave Abbruzzsze & Jeff Ament
John Paul Jones & John Bonham
Chad Smith & Flea
Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare
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paul gray/joey jordison - slipknot
allesandro venturella/jay weinberg - slipknot (2014 onwards)
oliver riedel/christophe schneider - rammstein
paul gardiner/jess lidyard - tubeway army/gary numan
paul gardiner/cedric sharpley - gary numan (1979 to 1980s)


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2 pretty recent bands but Joe Dart/Jack Stratton/Theo Katzman from Vulfpeck have been tight

also Sonny T/Petar Janic on the new Cory Wong albums have been really something else

Joe Dart is sooooo ridiculous - the groove in that band is incredible. I saw Theo solo once and Vulfpeck once and Joe both times - insane! ?

Local Oaf

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Without a doubt it's Matt Maginn (bass) and Clint Schnase (Drums) from Cursive. They laid down that locked-in beat over which the guitarists and cellist could create chaos.

Album example: The Ugly Organ
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you guys are all helping me create my own list!!! I disagree with nothign so far

also forgot the Classic combo

Derek Smalls/Mick Shrimpton + N