your most favorite bassist/drummer rhythm section


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Stolen from cbphoto's question in another thread....

who is your most fav/inspirational bassist/drummer combos?

For me it is:

1. Geddy and Neil
2. Eugene Wright/Joe Morello
3. Steve Harris/Nicko McBrain
4. Mark Zonder/Joe Dibiase
5. Les Claypool/Tim Alexander
6. Joey Vera/Gonzo; Bobby Jarzombek
7. Eddie Jackson/Scott Rockenfield
8. James Jamerson/William "Benny" Benjamin
9. Frank Bello/Charlie Benante
10. Bob Daisley/Lee Kerslake

-these were the guys who I grew up learning from. and emulating


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I can't beleive I forgot

Chuck and John Panozzo
Dave Hope/Phil Ehart


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Justin Chanceller/Danny Carey- Tool
Flea/Chad smith-RHCP
John Paul Jones (under rated) / Bonham - Zep
Tim Commerford/Brad Wilk - RATM/Audio Slave
Geezer/Bill ward- Sabbath
Joe principe/Brandon Barnes - Rise against

The Shepherd

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Of the music that I loved growing up, it all started with the heaviness of Butler and Ward.



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Of the music that I loved growing up, it all started with the heaviness of Butler and Ward.

same here....great memories of that music being on around the house


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Stanley Clarke/Gerry Brown
Garry Grainger/Dennis Chambers
Rael Wesley Grant/Kenwood Dennard
Bobby Watson/John Robinson
Patrick O’Hearn/Terry Bozzio

I’ll chime in with more as they come to mind.


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Anthony Jackson/Steve Gadd

Fritz Frigursson

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2 pretty recent bands but Joe Dart/Jack Stratton/Theo Katzman from Vulfpeck have been tight

also Sonny T/Petar Janic on the new Cory Wong albums have been really something else


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Anything with Nathan East on bass.......with any number of drummers Ferrone, Mason etc.

Chris Layton/Tommy Shannon from Double Trouble (SRV) also held down a mean foundation

Clearly some awesome combos have been mentioned above as well.


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Oh, many good ones have already been mentioned. Here are another combos from me:

Robert Trujillo + Lars Ulrich from Metallica

Mark O'Toole + Peter Gill from FGTH.


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Many good examples above but you forgot
Sean Reinert and Sean Malone, from the bands Cynic and Gordian Knot.
Both died in 2020.

And how about Vinnie and Arthur Barrow, from the Zappa days.

Jimmy Johnson with Husband or Wackerman, from the Holdsworth band.


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lots of great combos...and I am learning of new ones too...keep 'em coming


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Gregg Bissonette and Matt Bissonette

Peace and goodwill.