Your Greatest "AH-HA" Moment


ah ha moment for me was when i got a crappy kids drum kit from a mate when i stared playing he came round and immediatly turned the snare stand upside down as i had been restin the snare on the feet not the proper way up

jay norem

When I realized once and for all that I don't have to be able to play like Elvin Jones to be a good jazz drummer.


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When i realized when playing covers, you dont have to do EXACTLY what the original drummer does!!!!

I always wanted to achieve perfection when playing covers. Then i saw this drummer live playing dazed and confused and i was blown away. It was nothing like the original but it was just amazing. From that day onward i realized i could be more creative when playing covers....


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1. When my floor tom turned out to be upside down.

2. When my rack tom turned out to be upside down.

3. When my "straight stand" turned out to be a boom stand.


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When I realized that putting a bass hit on the "e" or "a" of a measure makes it sound much funkier, groovier, and just more fun to play.


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The first gig when a chick took her top off & tossed it at me. Gotta love the drummer groupie (guess that dates me back to the 70's but was quite a revelation). Now on topic, my first was laying down ghost notes. They can be da*n hard to grasp to some of us.



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Ah... memories!! When i took away my left hand from the paradiddle and just observed the pattern of all rights. I just sped that up as fast as i could and then tried it with all lefts and did the same. Then i put them together for what was a wicked fast paradiddle roll. A-HA!!!!!!!


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Finallly getting "relaxed" at playing the groove Rosanna by Jeff Porcaro (often called the Purdie Shuffle) so I could fit the ghost-notes in - and THEN it suddenly sounded good.

That was a recent accomplishment - so I'm still patting myself on the back! *grin*



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1. Recently, mastering double pedal flams, using them in the middle of fills and taking that side of my playing to a new level.

2. Mastering Bonham style-triplets when I was a teenager. Nobody else on my local scene did them then.

3. Playing in front of an audience for the first time


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When i realized that the snare doesn't have to be hit on 2&4 only, greatly funkafizing my playing.

also when i started using my bass drum in linear fills.

Raymond Bloom

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Technically: probably when I could utilize trad grip on my left hand as good as matched with my right and for some stuff even better, of course I'm still learning, technique is something where you can never get to the top, there's always something to improve on!

Musically it's the moment when I started getting into d'n'b, it opened my mind to all the music around and that situation changed the way I think in general, I became very open minded. If that wouldn't have happened I'd probably be a snob :)

king fail

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My moment was when I realized that interlacing the moeller pumping/pullout triplet motion is incredibly easy; I just synchronized both hands doing the moeller for five minutes, and then displaced the left hand by one 16th note.
man, just doing that feels so cool!

I'm quite proud of myself actually, because that was a week before I bought Jojo Mayer's DVD :eek:)


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Back in the late 70's I was buying all of Billy Cobham's records. There was a rudiment of his that I couldn't play. One night IN A DREAM he came and showed me the rudiment. I started playing it the next day. I haven't used it on my videos, but it a FLAM TRIPLET played around the toms.



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Not really a moment, but a gradual realization that there is no finish line with this stuff, but that I am always always in the process of learning.