Your first time playing a show


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My first gig was with my band "Choppy and the Space Cadets," playing Brain Strew by Green day, twice, for a crowd of about 40 people. I remember everybody told us we did great, but it probably sucked, realistically. I have a video of it somewhere, I'll have to dig it up...


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well my first real show with a band was over the summer last year
I was fourteen and it was for a party at some house (not huge and not illegal haha)
there were twenty to thirty people there and I was wearing a terribly odd looking outfit (it was quite awesome though)
we played the 21 song set (with no breaks) and the only problem I really had was the fact that we had very little practice and I rushed a little because of the nerves
but it was still a good show


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My first was with my Dads band back in the 70's at an Amvet's hall. I was nervous because I was very green, & the band leader kept telling me before the show, "don't speed up, keep it simple & keep the volume down". The biggest regret I have about that first gig was that I didn't get any pictures of it. Make sure you get someone to take pictures of your first show!
Also remember, don't speed up, keep it simple & keep the volume down. ;~)


i played my first show in front of like 50 people in my friends room lol. i was a little nervous i was a little to excited and when i went to do my first fill i dropped my stick haha no one notice i kept playin i was just lucky i got it because it was dark, but when i was playing it was the best feeling ever i cant describe it just amazing. afterwords i was just sad we were done but i was proud of my band and my drumming i got alot of comments after that show, the only advice i have for you its just go nuts and have fun but dont drop your stick like me lol


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I have played a number of instruments through school and even sung! not that you would know it now!!! haha

First gig with my band was outside with no monitors!

It went over really well- we played too fast, a common problem but I still believe I did fantastically well as I did not hear a single word my singer sung for the entire set. I could barely hear my bass player and only one of the guitarists!

I had to sing myself through the songs to make sure we were all on the same level!!! Great times though- I look back now and we were terrible but what a great learning curve you have infront of you.

We all have monitors- I even have my own and I dont share with the bass player anymore.

I used to be very nervous with stage fright- down to shaking before etc-

Now with more shows under me- I still get nervous (I think ever good performer should have some nerves to keep you on edge) but instead on just looking at my drums and now come to think of it I had all my cymbals set up as a kind of barrier!!! haha

Now I have lowered my cymbals and spend all my time looking out at the crowd and trying to interact with them


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At my first gig I was totally nervous, never been behind a kit in front of an audience, didn't have much time to rehearse but I knew the songs and I was pumped and couldn't wait to rock out the first tune of the night!

We started off the first song and it sounded amazing, just as I went to get heavy on the kick pedal, my pant leg went over the beater on the main kick pedal! Uh-oh! I was laughing inside because I had to fight to get my pant leg off the pedal to get the kick drum in to the song. All I remember was the rest of the band turning around to see what was going on? I know it wasn't that bad and it didn't take long to regain my composure, but it sure got hot up there for a moment!

Note to self : Don't where baggy pants and if you do, tuck them in to your socks! lmao


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i was 16 during my first show and i'd been playing for 2 months, it was for our school eisteffod we played 2 songs infront of 1000 pupills. before we went on my hands were sweating like hell and i couldnt hold my stickes for long. luckily that went away when we played and everything went fine.


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The first time I every played in front of a crowd, I was 10 and sat in with a band playing at a CB Radio Jamboree. There were probably 300 people in this huge tent. The band thought it would be cute to have this kid play. Played "Wipeout". Never missed a beat.
Gotta love when the old folks want to hear the kid drummer play "Wipeout". I'd guess I was 12-13 when I started playing with the back line at a monthly Jamboree. (average age of the players was 40-50 or so). We'd do a rock set about 3/4's of the way throught the night - it usually ended with Wipeout. The people loved it.

Although I had been gigging with this country band and a few of it's side projects (the guys who would do weddings...), and with a Dixieland band that played old age homes - I feel as though my first real gig was doing originals in my first high school band. The band didn't have a singer, so I took on the role.

Here's a pic from that night, (either '92 or '93) check the snare and tom angles! A few years ago someone told me someone had videotaped the night, man, what I'd pay to get a copy of that.

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