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I was 8 and played with older fellas-15-17 in a band "Three Flames and a Spark". I was Sparky. We probably didn't know but a dozen songs but the kids loved to dance so kept requesting we play them again. The older guys got serious (and my Mom didn't like me out past bedtime) so I got canned and my eldest brother-who didn't even play till then took over the kit. Yeah it's still a thorn in my side. I don't think my parents knew how indignant and how hard I took that.


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"The Internationals."
We were a bunch of students at the University of Sydney in 1979. Our lead singer was a Malaysian Army Colonel. Our guitarist was from Hong Kong. An Aussie named Ross played sax. There were a few others. I was from the US and played drums. We were really and truly awful, but we sure could make some noise! I dug up a cowbell somewhere so we could play "Honky Tonk Woman." And I remember singing chorus on "Jumpin' Jack Flash." Music really was the universal language for us.


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Who were the musicians..first names..what was your songlist like. Some gigs you played..and of course how did the name come up?.what was your kit like. Where did you rehearse..etc etc.
First names?? well let me think... That was 32 years ago I can't remember... song list... same I do remember they were all originals. The name?? we never got one, I left 2 months later, started another band and we were invited to play in a park and since it was free over 10 thousand people showed up. mind you this is my second band and at that time I have been playing drums for less than a year.. my kit was an absolute POS Ludwig, ( not saying Ludwig is bad just that mine was). I learn the importance of monitors that day. (we didn't have any) so the band and the sound was bouncing of a building a block away and coming back to me about 1 second delayed, I could not hear the singer or the guitars at all, I had to play to my own count (not sure how I figured that out on the fly but I did and for some reason I was able to pull it off). Ever since I at a minimum have the guitar amps behind me or pointed slightly towards me so that I can hear them, of course now I have my own pair of monitors so that is no longer a problem. we rehearsed on my friends bedroom which had two beds and my drumset so it was very crowded, and went on to play a stage of about 40x20 it fell gigantic, then we invited the audience to the bar where we were playing that night, it was unsafely packed, but hey they don't care about things like that in Mexico....I believe that took place around 1988 or 1989.... so far my biggest audience ever, after that I had many band and some success but now I just jam for fun. My actual job is not music.


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Johnny Hitler and the 4 man microwave.

High School: 1979/81

Jon - Vocals
Kevin - Bass
Mark - Lead guitar
James - Rhythm guitar
Mike (me) - Drums

Punk band. We played 2 gigs. One before I left for college. The Senior Show (2 shows back to back as only half of the school could fit in the auditorium/gym at one time) in front of my VERY large High School. The second one I came home for, we rented out a closed church building and promoted a show ourselves for one sold out night only.

Songs that I remember we did:
Mongoloid - Devo
God Save the Queen - Sex Pistols
Bodies - Sex Pistols
Pinhead - Ramones
Slime on the Rag - Original
Rocky Mountain Way - Punk spin on Joe Walsh's original
Too Drunk to F#%k - Dead Kennedys
Train Kept a Rolling - Aerosmith
Rock and Roll - Led Zeppelin

....and we made the Yearbook. Doubt we could get away with any of it now.....
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I think my first ever band was in 6th grade, 1993/94. We were called Niobium, and mainly played a bunch of covers of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, etc.

Brandon - guitar/vocals
Brad - guitar
Matt - bass
Myself - drums

I played an old, white, 1970s Rogers Big R with no reso heads. We probably only ever did 3 or 4 "gigs". A birthday party, school talent show, stuff like that.


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Gahhhhh... some memory lapse.
Around 1976, my senior year, a fellow artists found out I messed around on drums.
He was a huge Beatles fan and that’s all we practiced. I think we practiced a few times, then got our first and only gig at Jacks Or Better (peanut shells on the floor). It was an afternoon gig and I brought my Slingerland 4 piece.
I believe we performed reasonably. The manager did approach us at break and asked if we know anything else besides the Beatles tunes. Luckily we did entertain a couple of America songs... and it ended there.

Were we ahead of our time with a Beatles Tribute show?

Ah, the memories... I’ve partially forgotten... I think.


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Prophecy - the name was chosen randomly out of a thesaurus one morning in homeroom the week after our first practice; I opened it up, and we decided the first word I pointed to would be our name

formed spring our freshman year of high school - 1985
all original progressive/power metal in the vein of Queensryche; Fates Warning; Iron Maiden; Dio; Watchtower etc...

Andy - guitar; he is currently Cheryl Crow's guitar tech, and has worked with many many other bands/guitarists for the past 30 years
Aaron - guitar; vocals
Jim (me) - bass guitar; vocals
Jeremy - vocals; drums

we practiced mostly at my parents house, and lived there in the summer...those were the best times for sure.

our first gig was summer of 1985 in one of the many clubs on Ohio State's campus; we ended up playing at the Ohio State fair in the next year, as well as all of the metal and rock clubs. We won numerous battle of the band things; became a "guinea pig" band at The Recording the time, the youngest band ever to do that.

by our junior year, we were playing gigs all across the state. We were together for about 10 years, and the "high point" of our career was actually getting a demo tape to Brian Slagel of Metal Blade records....and personally getting rejected by him. He was very cool about it, explaining that our style of metal was not what they were looking for (this was in 91ish...prog was "going out" supposedly). We met him while he was out with Fates Warning on the Parallels tour. A good mutual friend of ours was his personal assistant, and she arranged the meeting with him, and we got to hang with the band in Cleveland and Cincy for both shows

we are all still the best of friends, and have been in many other bands in some way or another, and actually started playing again, with the intention to start a second iteration of the band. Mostly just to screw around, and maybe play some "one off" gigs
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and this post is going to be an overall, massive LOVE to all of the posts before and after...I love hearing about stuff like this for sure!! Being in my rock band, and school band, were the foundational things that shaped my life, so it is cool to hear how it effected others at the same age


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c.1973, I was a junior in high school and had drummed with the music director for various school functions (fund raisers, school musicals, etc.). One day, the gal who was in charge of organizing the senior prom told me she couldn’t do it and asked me to “take the reins”. To raise money I actually brought my dad’s Weber grill to school and grilled hamburgers at lunch for a few dollars. Through this and other means (remember those car washes?) I accumulated about $1000. Not much, but then many of my classmates had very wealthy parents so I started at the top and asked classmates to ask their parents if they would like to host the senior prom. The president of a large insurance company, whose son was a classmate, agreed to host it. It was a coup because the property was palatial. Swimming pool, tennis court, large garden where couples could make out, and a large area for a dance floor complete with space heaters.

I called a friend who by then was a sophomore at UCSD and asked him to inquire classmates about a band. He called back a few days later, said he had everybody lined up except a drummer. I naturally volunteered. We practiced every afternoon for three weeks to learn four hours of music and get tight (see pic).

Band: Electric Death with No Anchovies Pleze
Singer: Brian
Keys (Fender Rhodes): Paul
Guitar: Tom Cherry
Bass: Ed Johnson
Drums: Chris

We covered the Allman Brothers (Whipping Post anyone?), Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Johnny Winter, Jeff Beck, and many others, but no Led Zep (Paul thought it wasn’t good dance music).

After the prom, Paul asked if I would join his band, Sundance, which I played in until I left for college. I’ve kept in contact with Tom Cherry and try to visit with him when I work on the west coast.


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I rehearsed briefly with a notorious punk band in my local area but the first band I actually gigged with in 1990 was called Torn ‘n Frayed (after the Stones song I think?):

Dan - vox
Ash - rhythm/lead guitar
Crud - rhythm/lead guitar
Andy - bass
Al (me!) - drums

We played Stones, AC/DC, Black Crowes, Aerosmith, Faster Pussycat and Lords of the New Church covers, as well as a few originals. I played an 8 piece double bass Trak monster kit at the time (that previously belonged to Xentrix drummer Dennis Gasser).

The band used to rehearse at John Sykes’ studio in Blackpool. I left the band shortly before leaving the area to begin my London adventure and arranged for my buddy Jason to fill in on drums.

Good times!


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and this post is going to be an overall, massive LOVE to all of the posts before and after...I love hearing about stuff like this for sure!! Being in my rock band, and school band, were the foundational things that shaped my life, so it is cool to hear how it effected others at the same age
I agree. I often wonder if I would have pursued music more seriously if my parents had let me continue. I’ve always considered myself more arts and music than arts and science. During college years I had a number of opportunities to join a band but it was clear the band came first. My attitude was no I’ve got to get this education- whst my parents pushed.
My Dad was supporting my first attempt at college which I was a mess and not prepared for and I was interested in art and music. My Dad laughed I’m never going to pay for that you need to prepare for medical school. The last place I’d want to be. I failed out in a few years. I started back after a couple years and asked my Dad for some financial help I was going business route. Well I hate business I discovered so I looked to change majors w/o losing his finance. I picked Biology because it was where my better grades were- it picked me. I think my Dad kept thinking I’d eventually go to med school- I was just trying to prove I’m not an idiot just the runt and behavioral black sheep apparently. Over my dead body. After BS degree I told him I wasn’t applying to med school but find something to do with what I have. A couple years of working and not speaking much I decided I’d go basic bio research so sought grad school and eventually and oddly I end up getting my PhD from a med school. My Dad was an extremely intelligent man but not as bright as his father who he and all siblings went to John Hopkins, studied abroad and all doctors and scholars. One was Chandler Baker Beall from Oregon who was some literary scholar as I recollect. Definitely got some brains in family line but it got diluted every generation so must have about run dry when I was born LOL.
I think I’m a repressed artist and musician at heart and may explain why I was depressed so much. I still draw and paint and love live music but I’m not a scientist anymore and it’s a passing interest now. In fact since 1980 was a member of AAAS but I ve let that go so don’t read every issue of Science magazine like I always have. Make a good case study for a psych major ROFl
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1978 me a totally green 18 yr old on bass and there's a horrifying photo somewhere to prove it. It was an old school night club...dark and dingy, full of smoke with low ceilings....could be a bit rough. We were early support for the main punk act . They were very good kinda Blockheads style and older than us.
Deni Deni is the only tune I remember. (She) the lead singer walked on stage wearing virtually nuthin but a smile....well, nylons, heels and a guys shirt half undone....(We) the band didn't know where to look, talk about flustered.....Anyway the 10 people in there sat against the wall and didn't even give us a round of it was tough....haha...but in a way that's how it was back then you earned your dues and it wasn't always easy.