Your first band


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Who were the musicians..first names..what was your songlist like. Some gigs you played..and of course how did the name come up?.what was your kit like. Where did you rehearse..etc etc.


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R&T Unltd., 1971-1974

Jeff Rona played flute, Bill Turner played piano, hence, R&T. No bass, and actually no drummer until I hooked up with them. Not sure how we met, since we went to different schools and weren't driving yet.

We rehearsed in my living room since there was a piano there, the guys rode their bikes to my house. I dragged my Ludwig Standard kit downstairs. Also my Concord Reel-to-Reel tape deck to record every rehearsal. I still have those recordings (now digitized) and they still bring a smile and a bit of a cringe.

We ran through popular songs such as "Fire & Rain", "Imagine", "Spinning Wheel", "Cast Your Fate To The Wind" and stuff from Jesus Christ Superstar, where I encountered 7/8 ("Heaven On Their Minds") for the first time. I'm pretty sure I still have the recording of me crashing my way through it the first time, and them stopping to explain the count to me!

We had only one actual gig, playing at an elementary school about 9 months after I joined them.

We soon added a bass player, changed the band name to Pursuit, and explored slightly more adventurous material such as "Push Push", "Glad" and "Spain." In 1974 we entered the L.A. County Battle Of The Bands and made it to the finals at the Hollywood Bowl, tie-ing for first place in the combo division. After that, we never played as a band again, although Bill and Jeff recorded the material that I sent to the Dr. Demento Show (which led to my meeting Weird Al several years later.)

The bass player passed a few years later, Bill Turner passed in 2017, and I'm still in touch with Jeff and a couple of others who played with us. Google Jeff Rona, he did very well for himself and anyone who uses MIDI (he was on the team at Roland that invented it!)


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Name of the Band: Warning, started in 1986
Band members: Michael-guitar
Me Stanford on drums
Setlist: we covered the whole Master of the puppets LP, further we covered songs from Guns and Roses, Motley Crue, Quiet Riot, Bon Jovi and few more.

As curacao where im from isn't an island that is big into rock music( mostly latin music ) we didn't play a lot of gigs back then, most were at birthday parties of friends and the occasional festivals outside.
Cant remember now who came up with the name of the band and why.
My set at the time was a second hand Ludwig red sparkle set from the 70's which I got for my birthday when I was 8 and which I still own( am 52 now ).
Just the basic 5 piece back then, 22x16 bass, 16 floor and 12 and 13 inch rack toms.
My cymbal set up was: 16 and 18 Paiste 2002 crashes which I still have
20 inch power ride Paiste 2002 which I still have
14 inch sound edge hi hats which I still have
My bass pedal back then was the Ludwig speed king pedal which I don't have anymore, my first direct drive pedal back then before I switched later on to chain drive and now play both.


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I started playing in 1961, played my first gig in 1963 at the local girls club, outside on the concrete skating rink.
Bill Taylor on Fender bass, Jim 'Byrd' Sparrow on Danelectro guitar and I played my Downbeat snare and 18" Zildjian.
The same 4 surf tunes for an hour or so. Walk, Don't Run, Pipeline, Rebel Rouser and Don't Make My Baby Blue.
We called ourselves the Excells but that changed to The XL's when we did a series of gigs for the local Ford dealer.
My drum buddy Dick Cooley, had a full kit and became the drummer for a few months til I got my new Luddys.
Back in the band, we added a keyboardist who was taking theory from Dave Baker. Just after Baker's accident, he couldn't play but did teach.
The whole band got theory and we played our surf tunes and jazz, doing Take 5, Cast Your Your Fate to the Wind, Girl From Ipanema etc.
(members changed over the years Al Simpson, Ray Hankins, Ed White, Joe Brown, Mike Mercer, Greg Weisner, Ken Rider with the final lineup being Tirk Wilder, Dave Groves, Ross Hubler and me, with a name change to 'The Shakers' ) Simpson's cousins were two of the Four Freshmen* who got us listened to by Capitol records "we feel there is a place for this band in the music business, not with Capitol records however"
By 1965 we had backed Dobie Gray, J Frank Wilson and had opened for Jerry Lee Lewis, Ronnie Dove, Bobby Vee and Ronnie and the Daytonas.
In 1967 we auditioned for Thom Bell at Cameo-Parkway in Philly, he didn't sign us but another audition in Boston for RCA got us a contract. RCA changed our name to Proof of the Puddin, Nashville Brass leader Danny Davis was our producer, and we recorded our 1st release in one take.
We didn't make it big but had a bunch of fun. Our songwriter, Harry Palmer went on to form The Ford Theater with a Boston group "The Joyful Noise" and had some success, eventually producing an album for Clapton. Tirk wrote the theme song for Walker Texas Ranger.

* a little trivia: Ross and Don Barbour with the Four Freshmen were the group that Brian Wilson copied the harmonies of for the Beach Boys. In their younger days they sometimes worked for the Simpson Nursery locally and sang as they trimmed trees around our town.
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First band was a gospel group named "Rosewood Garden" after the rosewood fingerboard of a guitar. Played our first gig around 1967. I was 11 and played my old JC Penney stencil kit. Won a "Kiwanis Capers" talent show and got a 1 song exposure on local TV.

Lead Guitar - Paul (went into the navy after high school and never heard from him again)
Rhythm Guitar - Tommy (went into the air force after high school and was killed in a helicopter crash)
Drums - me (still trying to hang on after all these years)
Piano - Keith (traveled around with some of these gospel groups for a while, then ended up in Nashville writing and producing some of the major artists you would know. Still owns a recording studio just outside of Nashville.)

Traveled around to various churches to play. Finally got the opening act gig at a huge traveling gospel show. Played in front of 15k-20k people in a football stadium. I was 12. We had recorded 1 EP record and someone heard it and invited us to play. These shows usually had 7-10 acts with headliners being big national artists and were extremely popular back in the 60s.

Been downhill since.


"Uncle Larry"
Green Rye Telephone Bread. Teenage band of 14-15 YO's circa 1972

We really couldn't play all that well but that never stopped us from trying.

I remember doing "No Sugar Tonight" by The Guess Who. I don't recall much else besides jamming. I still have a tape from those days.

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I met some guys in high school. One person was an keyboard player. Somebody had an electric guitar. We didn't have amps. We practiced at the keyboard player's house. There were no gigs and we had trouble learning any song.

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I'm in my first band as a drummer. There was one other group forming, who tried me out before but never gelled and never had a name.
We got Sam writing, singing and playing electric guitar; Rick is our bassist; and me cowriting, singing and drumming. We're the Avery Drive Band. We rehearse at my house and have a song list of about 32 original tunes.
I started performing on the electric bass and guitar as a teen with some neighbors back 1984.


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Frankie and the Spinners.....was quickly changed when Frankie and the Spinners caught wind. This was 1967 and 1968.
Drums..your truly
Sax....can't recall
Bass. " "
Guitar " "
Their drummer had to spend the summer in Navy bootcamp, and I took his place. Played gigs all summer, then school started again. Had fun.

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For a short while we had a band with two or three of everything at the local youth center called Easy Chairs, from the name of the latest produc from the local factory, Ekornes.

We divided into two groups and our band was named Bat City Rockers from the writing on the drumsticks we got the drummer for his birthday. I was 12 yo.

Guitar and vocals: Me
Bass: Tor AAge
Drums: Tommy

The first year we played Smokie, some Clapton, some Beatles, Honky Tonk Women and other stuff that was popular live at the time like Simply Red's "If you don't know me by now."

The year after and final year of that group we threw all the old stuff away and played only AC/DC.


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I still have a tape from those days.
It's pretty special to have any recording from your first band!

I played / depped for anyone who would throw me a few pennies back in the day, but I did "join" a few bands too.

My first was around 1979. "Platform One" - an originals jazz rock outfit. Really wish I had some recordings from that. It did quite well.

2nd band. "Pyjama Party" Originals pop band circa1981. If you can stand the drumming crimes, here's a video I put together from a rescued & degraded 1/4" demo 2 track that surfaced after nearly 40 years.


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Memory challenge. Me, Ben and Joe. We covered Grand Funk Railroad, James Gang, Nugent ... that's about all I can recall. Oh, can't forget Alice Cooper's "18". Good times.


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1975 (the year I graduated from high school)

I had a cheap Drum Mate bass drum and two toms. My snare was an Acrolite. I do not remember what the cymbals were. We also had a lead guitar player (Larry), rhythm guitar (James), and a bass player (Dave). Larry had a Peavey PA with huge speakers. We were called Wildfire and played songs by Rush, Cream, Mountain, and Hendrix. We played at dances and wedding receptions. Once we were old enough we played in bars. Now I mostly play in church. Peace and goodwill.
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I had two friends who both played guitar and I was still being trained on classical piano. They knew I wanted to play drums but I didn't have a kit yet. We all had a game plan of forming a group someday. When I was 11 my parents surprised me with my first kit and our first band, Middle Earth, formed in the summer of 1966.

John--Lead guitar and vocals
Kevin--Rhythm guitar

We played a wide variety of classic cover tunes but were also trying to write originals out of the gate. John had--at that time--a decent cassette recorder for demo tapes. John and Kevin were actually really good musicians for their age. I was a newbie having a whole lot of fun, but was constantly in catch up mode. We couldn't find a bass player to save our lives. John's dad was an exceptional woodworker and he built four 5-foot tall "Marshall" type stacks, covered them with embossed naugahyde and period correct grill cloth. But if you walked around the back of each stack they only had a single, cheap 10-inch speaker. All "show", little "go."

We only played a handful of events over the next four years: typically festivals, recitals and one big convention.

Our "business strategy" was if we didn't land any gigs within six months we would just change the band name. We never changed our band member lineup but band names came and went. At this point I can't even remember all our defunct band names.

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Ha funny memories. 1969

Band: Velvet Seizure (pure 60's acid rock)

Bill C: Guitar/vocals (Gibson SG/Fender Bandmaster)
Bill P: Bass (Mosrite bass/Vox amp)
Yours truly: Drums/vocals (Ludwig Hollywood 5 piece blk diamond pearl, 14x5 Supraphonic)

We played mostly Neil Young, Cream, Hendrix, James Gang, Buffalo Springfield, Doors and any danceable stuff from the time. Played mostly school dances and church canteens. I was 15 y/o in '69. Great times.


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We all were 17 year old junior's in high school.
Played covers of TV theme songs (our bass player loved Night Court & Barney Miller for obvious reasons) and oldies like Johnny B. Goode.
We were a big hit at talent shows & backyard parties.

I have a tape of us doing some rehearsals and it wasn't half bad.


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It started quite simply, as things sometimes do
They wanted to have 3, but instead they had 2.
They wrote a few songs, played a few wrong;
you know, it didn't stay 2 for long

They called me up to drum, an old friend from the hood
We started to practice, and got kinda good!
So we gave it some goes, we played a few shows!
We shook a few butts, and we tapped a few toes!

But wouldn't you know it? Things had to end.
The singer is an asshole, I should say "again"
When asked where he's been?
"I've run off with Sean Penn!"

Backstory - my first band really did break up when the singer went to some concert or something way back after Katrina happened; apparently Sean Penn showed up and collected anyone who wanted to go help clean up in New Orleans in chartered busses. The story was so stupid we assumed he was full of it but it actually happened. With no possessions except what was on his back, totally unplanned the weirdo got on a bus with Sean Penn and drove cross the country to New Orleans.


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Nitro-kill, 1999/2000. we jsut did some generic rock covers, only did a handful of gigs during the summer holidays from school. was fun times.


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We started a band in Junior High. Two drummers, no bass player, trumpet, no singer. I ended up singing and we won our school talent show. From there we played a few gigs around town and had some fun. We did mostly Motown stuff and some Stones. We had to fire the trumpet player because he played too loud. He tried to sing as well but was "classically trained", translation....he had no sense of rhythm. When high school started we played a few parties but I got into sports and that killed the band. Ah, good times.