Your favourite paiste hi hats


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As a fan of larger (15"+) hi-hats, my favorite Paiste hi-hats are the 17" Signature Steve Jordan Style Hi-Hats, and the 16" Masters Thin Hi-Hats. I do not own either pair, but I have played on both models at various music stores over the past year. If I had to settle on one over the other, I would go for the former, since the latter pair is very close in tone to the 16" A Medium Crash/16" A Rock Crash combo I use as hi-hats when I am not using my 1970s 15" New Beats. The Steve Jordan hats are slightly darker and lower in pitch than my 16's, and I wouldn't be above searching for a used pair once I've saved up a little more money.

Jeremy Bender

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I'm enjoying a set of 14" Twenty series top over a Signature dark-crisp bottom cymbal.

I love my 30 yr. old set of blue label Form.602 Sound Edge hi hats too.


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I use a 14" PST7 over a Signature Sound Edge for the Bonham sound (similar to a giant beat over a 602 SE) on a Zep setup.

On my other fusion sized set I use its counterparts.


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Cool, great job!

I guess my wife would be a bit miffed if I wrote a song for a couple of cymbals instead of her. :-D
I have a set of 14" green label 505s. Had them for years. Love my 13" new beats now but every once in a while I put them up. good for heavier playing.