Your Favorite Youtube Drummer


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Sorry if this is in the wrong place. Mine would have to be Martin Periard I think that he is amazing. He does tons of rush covers and other covers. I love how he plays all of these difficult songs (imo) so effortlessly on a small kit. I also like wathcing him because the sound quality is excelent. He has two profiles one is versatile 2007 and the other is versatile 7002. Here is one of his videos.


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Yes, martin periad is good. He plays weckl stuff effortlessly too. I would have to say Wavelength's videos are my favorites among the youtube user's videos.


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While searching for Zeppelin clips one day,I came by a guy named Beau Ferchaud doing some Zep tunes.Helped me out on parts of a few songs I thought I had down,but didn't.
If You're a Zeppelin fan,check him out.



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One of my favorite's is a guy from Colorado name Scott Davies; search Droppin Some Drum Beats, username is patton303. I really like that style, its very similar to how I play (except not as solid) and that snare sound is awesome in his videos.


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By the powers vested in me, I hereby pronounce Derrick Pope the unofficial youtube.drumming king.


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Vadrum, easily. His playing is so overboard and downright tasteless it just blows me away -- perfect for YouTube.