Your Favorite Self Concocted Stack


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Curious what everyone's favorite self-concocted stacks are. Pre-packaged stacks don't count!

I had an 18" Oriental China Trash with a 17" A Custom that had a small crack in it that was simply awesome...
Years ago i had a stack made from a cracked Paiste 302 14" Hi-hat (can't remember top or bottom) on top of a severely cracked 302 16" crash. The crack on the 16" crash started on the edge and made it's way just an inch away from the bell, so one part of the crack was warped and was slightly elevated. The 14" cymbal was on top of that. Made a cool sound, but i lost these cymbals somewhere in a practice space when i got a 13" Wuhan china.
Other stack i used (and still have) is an 8 and 10" Zildjian Trashformer stacked together (with the 8 on top of the 10). Very short and trashy sound. Loud as well! Stopped using is because i want a 10" mini china for a more resonant sound
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I have an 8" Wuhan splash upside down on top of a Paiste 12" PSTX.
It's sweet and trashy with low volume and lower-sustain.
I got a Zildjian Planet Z 10" splash at a sale some time ago, and it´s perfect for stacking (and doesn´t sound half bad as a splash either, surprisingly).
Either on top of a 14" A Custon EFX or underneath a 8" Trashformer.
20" Stagg YR Med Ride with a Meinl Ching Ring and a length of brass pull chain on top, and an 10" Paiste PST5 Splash as the icing to cap the whole thing off.
I'm currently stacking a 13" Zildjian Oriental China directly on top of a 16" K EFX crash. Sounds really good, similar to the stacked trashy sound Weckl gets from his 14" China over 18" crash.
I haven't set it up in a long time but I used to rock a Sabian 12" AAX O-Zone Splash upside down on top of a Sabian 18" Signature Jia Chinese. The splash added a nice staccato "sizzle" to the already-dry Jia Chinese.
I haven't set it up in a long time but I used to rock a Sabian 12" AAX O-Zone Splash upside down on top of a Sabian 18" Signature Jia Chinese. The splash added a nice staccato "sizzle" to the already-dry Jia Chinese.

That does sound sweet.
Small size for me. Meinl 10" china with an 8" Paiste Wild Splash inside. Wing nut in the middle for quick sloshy/tight sound adjustment.
Did any of you (past and future replies) get a good white-noise / simulated lo-fi digital handclap sound out of these stacks? (Think The Cars' "Let's Go" and Kool & the Gang's "Ladies' Night".)
The closest i get to a hand clap sound is when you really tighten everything down, but due to the danger of breaking and disliking that sound I've never done that.

I'm by the way thinking of making 2 stacks (got a case of Portnoy-iritus). I use a 10" Zildjian Oriental China Trash and a 12" Meinl Generation-X Filter China separately.
Thinking of getting a 10" Paiste PST-X Swiss Splash to stack with the Zildjian and get a Paiste 14" PST-X Flanger Crash to stack with the Meinl.
Really curious on how it would sound and considering the price this wouldn't cost too much.
My favorite so far is this small stack.
K custom Special Dry splash 10" / Sabian AAX O-Zone 12" . Very dry, trashy.
I quit using it for now since I like using both these cymbals independently.

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I got the PSTX cymbals in last friday and went with the typical stacking option: the china on top of the other cymbal. The 10" stack sounded way too high for whatever reason (when i stack the 10" oriental china with my 10" a fast splash, you'd get a nice sound) and had nasty overtones. Not what i had in mind. The 12" Meinl on top of the 14" crash sounded a too gongy. So, i started to expertiment and i put the chinas on the bottom (bell and edge up) with the other cymbal on top. Boom! There is the sound that i want! Can't wait to try them out next friday on my kit.

The Meinl/Paiste combo reminds me of that 302 stack i mentioned before, but obviously more trashy!
12" Meinl HCS China on top of 18" Pearl Limpid... crash-like thing.
The China is actually pretty good on its own, the Pearl is not, so much.

Together- surprisingly good.
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7 months after post #15... still use the 12" Filter China with the 14" Flanger Crash on top and that stack is just pure golden. I've replaced the 10" China Trash with a 8" Filter China and sound so much better now! The sound is like the Sabian Max Stax or Radia stack cymbals, but with a tad more wash to them.
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I got a pair of cheap 8" Meinl splashes with a trade one year. Then I discovered one would work really well upside down on an equally cheap Meinl 10" mini china & made a "sorta Thomas Lang Super Stack" out of them.
Sounded good. And for me, that's all that matters.
One of my favorite cymbals - 17" Meinl Byzance Dark crash - got cracked by a neanderthal on a kit share gig years ago. Drilling the crack to decrease growth yielded a pleasing trashy-ness. I drilled more holes, testing along the way, until I hit the zenith of dark-n-dry trash.

I did the same with an abused 14" china. Pre-drilling, it was tad gongy. Post drilling, it had a short soft bark.

I don't use a stack often. When I do, those two cymbals are the perfect pairing (to my ears).

*I bought another 17" Byzance Dark and never let anyone else play it.