Your Favorite Recorded Drum Fills


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What are some of your favorite recorded drum fills?

I'll give examples of three of my favorites:

At 0:39, I love how Ringo goes up the drums instead of down (maybe because he was left handed?) and the odd, syncopated rhythm (that fits the tune perfectly). I'm not a big Beatles or Ringo fan, but I love how unique his playing was with them.

I always really liked the way Adrian Young kicks off the first chorus of this tune at 0:42. Just a brilliant fill. This goes to show you that a brilliant fill doesn't have to be complicated or busy.

Finally, as soon as I heard this one the first time on the radio, I knew it had to be the one and only Jeffrey Michael Porcaro! Just a great fill at 2:57.

How about your favorite fills?

Off the top of my head: my absolutely favorite ever and no other fill even comes close for me is Bill Bruford's fill on, yes, "Roundabout," at 6:28—it's so damn funky and tight and unexpected, given that his previous few fills on that section were essentially Debbie Boones, without even a Pat Boone to set 'em up.

Another is Phil Collins's fill on Peter Gabriel's "No Self Control" off PG's third solo album—the one at 2:03, and which PC apparently liked so much that he reused it on the Genesis song "Duke's Travels" from Duke.

The final is by Chris Mars from the Replacements (and I'm guessing I'm going to be very much the only one mentioning him). His fill at 3:51 during during the fadeout on "Unsatisfied" is incredibly simple—it's also just a pair of Debbie Boones, but transferred to two tom hits and a snare each—but because of the orchestration and how tasteful it is, it gets me every single time. Absolutely nothing difficult about it but it's just right.


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One of my favourite drum fills of all time happens during Streetheart's remake of "Under My Thumb".

You can hear it here. The fill starts moments before the 5:00 minute mark

That, more than anything - made me want to learn how to play the drums.


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Another vote for Peter Gabriel - pretty much every single fill Manu Katché plays here absolutely kills.

Heck, the whole album (Secret World Live) is a masterpiece, not only but especially regarding drums.